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Immorel.orel (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)

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July 28th, 2021

Gender: Male
Status: In a relationship
Age: 18
Country: United States

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October 05, 2019


07/28/2021 01:18 PM 

moving out
Current mood:  accomplished

Hello guys!!
Omg so there is so much that im going to ramble about because of how exciting this is but!! im moving out. I feel like alot of kids my age were told when they were a kid that once they turned 18 they would be out of the house they were living in and honestly I didnt ever think it was possible but here I am. 
I should probably tell you all how I did it. the answer is.. well uh No idea. Seriously I have no clue on how I actually acomplished this sh*t. I am moving in with my partner so I know that helps just a bit. I got my first job and I knew I was gonna move in with them so I have been saving for maybe like, two months?
So this ends me here today. Texting you. We just need a slip of reccomendation from my boss. and thats it. We move in this sunday, I know this blog post isnt like CRAZY important but I want you all to know that it is like. possible lmaO.
I should probably use the blog feature more honestly. to like vent and sh*t, idk. but yeah thank you for reading.

07/07/2020 07:55 PM 


its okay to!
- tell me you simp for me
-call me hot/cute/etc
-say you love me
-say things like mwah etc
-give me pet names
-if you are 16-18 you can say u wanna date me but nobody has done this but just incase
you can ask for my socials! Ill give them to you!
please do not
say u wanna do nsfw stuff with me especially if ur not 16-18 
talk about things like depersonilzation/being not real (just put a tw before hand please!!) (Also things like being unknowable or a ghost are fine!!)
-say u wanna date me if you're under 16 or over 18 (this will change when I turn 18 then my dating range will be strictly adult)
Any of my special interest 
music recs!!
Gutair tips oh my god please 

06/26/2020 05:12 PM 

Eds and recovery

I know you all seen the title! But before we start 
tw for eating disorders disordered eating talk of self recovery and weight
so ​​
I have always been a small kid. I've always been short developing an ed didnt help that. The funny thing is.. ive always been really skinny naturally and it just shows how it can effect anyone you know. 
now that thats out of the way my disordered eating actually started really young. It started when I was 10 ish and I know crazy being ten with an eating disorder wild. But it started with thoughts and things like that. I felt fat even if I wasn't.
but let me tell you
having an eating disorder is hell.
I missed out on so many opertunities and lost so many friends because of this. And I've been recovering for almost a year now on my own.. and let me tell you all its hard but its still VERY worth it. If you are thinking of recovery please do it. It makes everything feel real again. Sometimes the thoughts of starving are hard to ignore but once you power through and ignore it well

You can recover it sounds so much easier written down then it really is. I've had nights where I was sobbing looking at myself in the mirror but more and more as I started eating more and stopped counting calories I realized how much happier I am even if I have lows now and again.. everyone can recover it takes lots of willpower but you can do it.
if anyone wants help with Ed recovery in itself im not a therapist but my dms are always open.. maybe I could help

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06/22/2020 12:08 PM 

Locals and why ur not welcomed

Since my blogs are public I feel like I should explain why locals are not wanted.
We built a community off of being alternative and lgbt.
It is a safe place for people to come when they have felt outcasted and left out from the world. 
We have been bullied by people like you in the past and do not want people on the website we use as an escape to feel safe repeating it. Not to mention the website you came from (tiktok) is VERY toxic and does not have the energy we want in our communities.
you are not a local if you are alternative. 
You ARE a local if you are not.
I and alot of alternative people are scanning profiles to see who is a local and who isnt.
Do not be offended if you are blocked we are making our community safe for us.

06/22/2020 03:02 PM 

Current mood:  adventurous

welcome 2 my blog :0
i haven't used this yet so heres an intro
I'm ollie
I'm 17
And I killed god!

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