BEING A MESS PRBLY??//Venting,poetry,shit I think up,DREAMSSS

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Last Login:
May 16th, 2021

Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 20
Sign: Aries
Country: United States

Signup Date:
March 05, 2019


03/09/2019 01:26 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

I'm Rarely ever interested in guys bc usually they r like groos but there's this cute emoey boy at my school and I gave him my number so now my bees are buzzzzing! 

03/05/2019 09:31 PM 

Current mood:  tired

Dude, my meds have been making me rlly tired!!!! all the time!!! it's annoying honestly. I sleep p early but I wake up a lot ever since I've been on prozac

I feel like a f8ckin8g zombie and its like bruh, bc im always HYPERRR and this sh*t just like ahahah noo

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