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March 15th, 2020

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December 31, 2018


03/16/2019 09:29 PM 


This was my hypnospace Desktop UwU

03/14/2019 09:43 PM 

Proj. 3: Water Man
Current mood:  determined

I! dont know where my mouse went today! So I decided to take it easy and settle for a small doodle! He's a little guy in water!

03/13/2019 10:09 PM 

Proj. 2: Ladybug & Aphid
Current mood:  amused

I dont have any commentary on this! I just like bugs, so I wanted to make a model of them!

holy moly that's big! Oh well!!

03/13/2019 12:16 AM 

Proj. 1: Hypnospace Outlaw
Current mood:  tired

CW for mild gore

First 3D project I'm posting here is a little fanart for a video game that came out today called Hypnospace Outlaw. A super fun 90's internet simulator I'm having a real good time with. This is a little buddy!

03/10/2019 01:12 PM 

I love making art!
Current mood:  adventurous

i need to make some! i promise tomorrow im just gonna go ahead and post a lil model ill make in 3d paint just for fun or whatever!

03/05/2019 10:01 PM 

my centipede
Current mood:  accomplished

There's a guy in my neighborhood that runs a kind of thrift shop out of his front yard on weekends. I stopped by recently and got this killer centipede. 

his eyes can glow uwu

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