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07/12/2020 12:02 PM 

For fans of the creepyasta Necrosleep

If anyone here has read the Necrosleep creepypasta and is a fan of it I made an RP forum for it a few years ago. :)   All the rights to the pasta go to lemniscate64.

07/08/2020 05:28 PM 

Youtube alternative

If anyone wants to see a great YouTube alternative check out Vlare. It's pretty awesome! smiley

06/25/2020 09:41 PM 

Stupid picky complainers

It's funny but mostly really stupid when people on here are like "Oh be My friend boooo Hoooo I have no friends!!!!!!!!!! you try to add them and they deny your request like wtf? If you deny it don't bother complaining.

06/21/2020 06:59 PM 

The Fourms

Check out the FriendProject forums new peeps.

06/17/2020 01:26 PM 

True Friends Lesson

True friends stick by your side no matter what goes on. Even if you're the weirdest craziest person on the planet. If they say they'd talk to you later they should keep their word and do so. If they don't then abandon you like the weak little coward then f*** 'em they're worthless trash anyway and don't serve your time, kindness, or investment. As you go throughout life look around and weed out the fake friends. Look for like-minded people. Find your tribe. But don't give the fakes any of your time. 

06/09/2020 02:42 PM 

Consumed By the hatred!!!

These days I feel so worthless
The claws of Death are inside my head
It feels like I’m weakening
Someone give me inner strength!
I can’t breathe, eat, or sleep. 
This is my life Consumed by the hatred!!
There is nowhere to go, so I'll just follow the rotten path
I am descending into the Darkness
Please fill my life with sense,  I can't stand this putrid taste
But there is much more to come This is my life Consumed by the hatred
Give birth to sin! As we are consumed Open your eyes and look around to see
We are consumed by the hatred!!!
Now my sight is black Only death surrounding me Once and for all, we are Consumed by the hatred!!!!!
It’s me, the hatred, the source of your never-ending pain and misery I’ll come to you, destroy your world with your all joy inside my hand!!!

06/04/2020 04:56 PM 

ACAB Bullcrap

Don't talk to me or comment on this post if you don't want a Good time thank you. I'm just annoyed and voicing my opinion but anyway. Just stop and shut the f*** up already. Gosh damn people! Not all cops are bad in this world. There are GOOD people and BAD people A cop from my high school stopped a school shooter from hurting anyone at a senior graduation ceremony 2 years ago. And is declared a hero. So is he a bastard for saving lots of inncoent lives? F*** NO. But the cop that killed Floyd and his pals that watched him. Yes He was bad guy, along with his pals. They deserve whatever justice throws at them. Stop with this childish ACAB bullsh*t. That's like a bunch of little kids saying all adults are bad. Really I hate that sh*tty mindset I had that same mindset about cops when I was like 12 or 13 grow up people.

05/29/2020 03:06 PM 

Cool Clubs for New people

If any New peeps want some cool clubs to join check'em out here. smiley

05/21/2020 06:38 PM 

The Mutation

My crazy dream from yesterday. lol The dream starts off with me walking outside into town going somewhere I have no idea. It was pitch black as hell except for the street lights lighting my way. Still being very very Dark I took out my phone out turned on the flash light app. Trying to use it but the battery drain very very fast for no reason so I put it away and kept walking. I remembered hearing in the News that the coronavirus had mutated even more. Getting so bad. That caused it to mess up the brains of those infected. Wiring them oddly. They became so unaware that they were infected so badly to the point where they became mindless and zombie like. They wandered the streets and only the streets for some reason instead of isolating. Not biting just even if you touched them you were guaranteed to get it. So the little people left whoever was not infected had to keep wearing masks whenever they went out and AVOID the infected zombies. I managed to cross to the street to the next side walk I saw another guy on the other side also crossing to my side walk. We looked at each other but just kept walking. We knew what to do. Later I found myself in another part of town surrounded by buildings. With nowhere to go as the mindless corona zombies surround me on every corner. I knew I was screwed. As they got closer a slightly depressing yet creepy song played it went something like this “How it's hard to say Goodbye. “ Then my dream goes black and I wake up.

05/06/2020 12:05 PM 

Think my friend is just bored.

My friend in rl wants to head to a hotel at his place in June I think he thinks this virus thing will be over in June but I highly dought that it will be. Even tho I REALLY want to hang with him my bro and other friend.


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