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04/06/2021 06:04 PM 

Back home after a 6 and a half hour's drive and feeling drained!
Current mood:  accomplished

I drove back home to Bergen with my dad today and we had to choose a slightly longer route than the usual three hour (give or take) route we drive to Ustaoset and Bergen and the other way around as well, due to strong winds and snow blizzard causing our regular route to be closed so we had to look at other options for getting home. We went with a slightly more eastern route via Hemsedal that stayed open, despite strong winds during parts of this route as well, and the drive would take an additional three hours, which meant we would be home around six in the evening, which wasn't really too bad. 

I was excited about going home, since I feel that our cabin tends to be quite small and you kinda have to give up privacy, especially when a lot of family members live together and the noise level is through the roof most of the time. Yet, I had this quite upset stomach and a nose running harder than the Niagra Falls that made for an uncomfortable combo (the upset stomach was most likely due to eating too much cheese from yesterday's raclette dinner....ooopps) but I decided it was not gonna stop me from making the drive down to Bergen with dad.

I'm an introvert that finds it hard to talk to someone during long car rides so I was kinda dreading that bit and dad just drives mostly and occasionally throws in a "yeah" and "ah I see" to my comments about whatever we drive by at any given point, just to break the constant awkward silence between us. He'll only get talkative if there's a story about either sports or something related to his past (childhood, youth etc) that gets him talking non-stop but that didn't happen today. Not only did I find the silence uncomfortable (despite having the radio on as our only source of entertainment that we both could listen to, to get our minds onto something actually enjoyable) but my car seat made me uncomfortable as well, as well as adding my upset stomach to the mix. It all drained me out and I couldn't be happier when we finally stopped outside my apartment complex - HOME SWEET HOME!

Now I'm ready to enjoy spring here (those last pieces of snow will probably soon be gone) and some warmer weather where I can be outside wearing a t-shirt and shorts again :)

03/28/2021 05:28 PM 

Another strange Easter is upon us

I'm going to our cabin in the mountains for Easter tomorrow where I'll stay with my family until the first Tuesday after easter and I'm looking forward to a relaxing week in our cabin. It will be a different Easter from what we're used to as we are not allowed to bring guests into our cabin and we are also not allowed to visit other people's cabins due to the covid situation. Mom is a social butterfly and loves visiting people when we're up in the mountains so I can imagine this could be quite challenging for her to stay put in our cabin without seeing anyone but her own family but we'll help her get through it the best we can. At least we'll be able to spend Easter at the cabin this year, that was not the case last year as the corona situation was completely new and going to small cabin communities in the mountains seeemed too risky back then in terms of potential mass spread of the virus so last year's Easter was spent here in the city and it's pretty safe to say it was my strangest Easter ever. At least this year it will be more like a normal Easter, sans get-togethers and public arrangements but at least we'll be able to enjoy being at the cabin again. Now I'm doing laundry so that I will have clothes ready to be packed for my trip by train tomorrow to the cabin and it's gonna be wonderful to be up there again! :)

03/15/2021 09:18 PM 

Unexpected "guest" at the door
Current mood:  anxious

It always scares the crap out of me when my doorbell rings unexpectedly. Most often times it's people meaning to visit someone else in my apartment complex but they probably don't know the correct apartment number so they try a bunch of random ones, including mine. That happened today and I quickly dropped everything I was doing and went to my monitor by my door to see who stood outside the complex. It was some guy wearing a yellow reflective vest and he looked completely unfamiliar to me. My pulse was pretty high and me being the introvert I am, was not at all ready to deal with a complete stranger coming into my apartment for whatever reason. He came into the complex after I reluctantly tapped the "open" button on my monitor and I kept looking through the peephole in my door to see if he would actually come to my apartment. But he never actually came to my apartment, which was a huge relief. It must've been over 15 minutes ago now so if he really meant to come to my apartment, he'd be here by now. He most likely tried a bunch of number combinations, which eventually ended up being mine and he probably only needed someone to help him access the general apartment complex. So fair enough. An extrovert would probably handle this situation better and it always freaks me out when it happens!

08/30/2020 03:29 PM 

Duvet struggle
Current mood:  content

I miscalculated the length of my duvet cover when putting the duvet inside of it a few weeks ago and I've slept with a messed up duvet since, where a thin remnant of the cover would be muddled together below my chest and my feet would stick out at the end of the duvet. It's been like this for some weeks now where I would more or less make do with my messed up duvet cover as it was but last night I couldn't handle it anymore so I woke up (probably sometime around 4 AM lol), took the duvet out of the cover again and put it back in from another direction, made sure to thoroughly shake it back into place and make sure all four corners were inside, which felt like it took forever but I wanted my duvet to go back to normal now more than ever. And I fixed it now! My messed up duvet is now officially a thing of the past and I can sleep peacefully again! 😴😊

06/09/2018 07:40 PM 

My first participation ever in Pride
Current mood:  happy

I participated in the Pride parade here in Bergen today (well, technically yesterday seeing as I'm writing this blog post past midnight) and I am so glad I went! I thought about going last year but I probably felt too nervous and scared to do it and I also wasn't sure of where, when and how and so on. But this year I decided I wasn't gonna disappoint myself so I went to the dock here in Bergen where the parade started, in good time before the parade started, which was 2 hours away. I joined a group of participants from the Waldof Steiner School who were lining up to walk in the parade and joining them felt just right, seeing as I have been a student at that school in the past. 

Walking in the parade felt like I was being part of something amazing and beautiful, something bigger than myself. I and thousands of others walked to celebrate equal love and acceptance for everyone and it almost felt like a mix of Norway's Constitution Day celebration (which is May 17th) and outdoor Ibiza at the same time lol! Everyone was happy and just having a good time and there was love all around! :)

Later the parade ended at Festplassen, a square in the city center of Bergen, where tents and a stage was put up this week and the whole facility went under the name Pride Park. I bought quite a few beers, bought some warm and cold food, danced a lot, talked to other partygoers and later went home with very sore feet, but happy to have taken part and experienced this amazing day! I'm definitely participating in Pride next year too and who knows - maybe I'll walk in the parade with a girlfriend or boyfriend by my side? Only time will tell...

06/05/2018 02:31 PM 

Nostalgia trip and the start of a new experience
Current mood:  nostalgic

I was a big user of MySpace back in 2006-2009 and I was sad to see it go when Facebook took over and dominated the social media world. As much as I enjoy Facebook, I've found myself missing MySpace where I could customize my profile to make it more personalized and how I could have songs playing on the page as well. I heard of FriendProject from someone on YouTube and I thought I'd go and see what it was like and BAM, it was like nostagia train hit me big time and I almost started crying because I had missed MySpace so much lol!

I also miss all the blogging I did on MySpace and I was pissed when they deleted all the blogs when they killed off the old website because I had years worth of blogging on there from trips to different countries and things I did in my everyday life. So I'm gonna try to resume blogging on here and keep people up to date, whoever wants to read these blogs.

But for now, hello FriendProject, you are like the twin of my long lost friend and it feels so good to be back in a familiar environment and layout that I've been missing all these years! :)

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