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03/10/2024 07:12 PM 

When the song and the wallpaper takes you back

Now and then I catch myself missing my dear friend Aaron Carter who sadly passed away two years ago and I get in my feels playing his music to honor his memory and remember the talent he was and his golden eras where he was on top and had success in his career. I came across this video today that combined his song "Dance With Me" and a fanmade wallpaper someone made that I used to rock on my computer back in the day and it all totally took me back to those days when I was a devoted fan, the wallpaper and song are from the 2008-2009 period and that is among one of his best as an artist. So I wanted to put it up here to again honor his memory.
Aaron Carter feat. Flo Rida - Dance With Me


07/08/2022 07:45 PM 

My fun, but crazy 12 day adventure in Eastern Norway
Current mood:  overstimulated

Last week was a lot of fun partying with extended family members for a get-together we do every two years, as well as staying with (and visiting) aunts and uncles I haven't seen in forever, and then ending it all on a high note with the Kygo concert at Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo that Saturday - phew! It's been a blast but as one of the few introverts in a family otherwise full of chatty extroverts that love to surround themselves with as many people as possible, I do feel pretty drained right now and very happy to be back home where I've spent this week letting everything sink in and doing things at my own pace again haha! Planning on enjoying a relaxed Friday evening with a pizza tonight and tomorrow, we'll see what I end up doing but it most likely won't be anything nearly as wild as last Saturday's concert outing haha, although that really was the icing on the cake for my stay in Eastern Norway! :)
It's true what they say - there is no place like home! :)

04/09/2022 03:20 PM 

Packing for my Easter vacation
Current mood:  productive

I'm taking the train to our cabin at 14:45 today so I've got a good few hours still before I have to go to the tram stop that will take me to the train station where my train will take me to our cabin at the quaint little cabin community of Ustaoset, a nice little mountain village here in Norway. I'll be staying up there with family for about 10 days and I'm looking forward to a nice and relaxing Easter. I'll try to stick to my healthy diet that I've got going now, although I usually associate Easter with indulging in candy and chocolate and lots of other good food but I'll try to find healthy snack alternatives instead. I'm close to a two digit number on my kilos (my dyscalculia doesn't help me much when remembering kilos, let alone converting those to pounds haha, but both my diet course leader and my mom have assured me I'm losing weight and I'm starting to notice it myself too) so I wanna keep that good momentum going. 

Now, the packing isn't much fun but it needs to be done and I know I'd beat myself up if I forgot to bring something important, such as contact lenses, eyedrops for my left eye (for avoiding too much pressure on it), toothbrush, headphones, chargers for my phone, tablet and MacBook Air, all those are things I fear leaving behind so I always make sure to triple check if I have everything packed before I leave haha. Anyone else hate packing?

01/21/2022 08:35 PM 

Feelin' that post-Moderna chill 🥶
Current mood:  tired

So yesterday after having taken my Moderna booster dose, I went home and felt okay for the rest of the day but figured I'd spend today at home in case of any side effects. And sure enough, I woke up with chills all over my body (never have my blanket in my bed ever felt so good to lie under!), felt a slight dizziness and a slight headache coming on too, as well as a sense of nausea (no throwing up so far thankfully!) and it's more or less stayed that way all morning/noon and into the afternoon but now I'm starting to feel better, felt good enough to go grocery shopping. And by tonight I hope to feel good enough to enjoy my weekly Friday night pizza by the TV and a pizza always makes me feel better anyway so I'm definitely looking forward to that! 🍕🤩

I only got a reduced dose of Moderna but it was still enough to make me feel tired, drained, naseous and feeling a chill all over today so I can definitely notice that it's doing its job! 💉😄

01/20/2022 07:18 PM 

Getting my booster today
Current mood:  determined

So today I'm scheduled to take my third Covid-19 vaccine in a hall called Åsanehallen, in the Åsane borough of Bergen, which lies north of the city center and it's a bit further away than the last two places where I had my other two shots of the vaccine, but with a light rail-bus transfer, I'll manage and be able to get there without any trouble, although I've never been at this hall before. I've heard people now can choose between Pfizer and Moderna but it remains to be seen until I get there if it turns out I actually get to choose as well, and if that's the case, I see myself going for Moderna as that gives a better protection than Pfizer but if the latter is the only one they have available, I'll accept that one too as the most important thing for me is to get my booster dose. My appointment is at 15:30 and when I get back home, I'll take it easy for the rest of the day in case any side effects occur. 

Have you gotten your booster yet?

01/15/2022 07:15 PM 

I started a new adenture today seven years ago
Current mood:  nostalgic

Today seven years ago I went on the plane from Bergen, Norway to London, UK with my parents where we would stay in London for a few days before driving to Southampton where I had enrolled in philosophy studies. The weekend in London was spent visiting the National History Museum where I got to geek out over their dinosaur section (being the dinosaur nerd I am lol), I went to see Aaron Carter in concert in London as well (back when I was a bigger fan of his, not so much anymore, either way don't judge lmao) and we also went to see the Wicked musical, which I had heard a lot of great stuff about and it was indeed amazing, if you haven't seen Wicked, it's definitely a must see musical with awesome songs that'll get stuck in your head for weeks and months on end haha!

I have fond memories from my year in Southampton. Granted, the academic stuff proved to be a tough learning curve as it turned out I had enrolled in a third year semester with the subjects "The Ethics Of Belief" and "Fiction And Fictionalism" respectively. I pretty much had to take a crash course overnight to get even the slightest idea of what was going on, I had never heard words and terms like "epistemology", "doxastic attitude", "x-ing at will" and "refrain from x-ing" in my life, and needless to say, it felt frustrating having to work on essays about these subjects I had pretty much just been introduced to. There were definitely aspects of them that were interesting, such as theories of parallel worlds and why things happen but granted, I will never look at the letters A, S, P and X the same way again haha, but I actually did pass all my exams, even if it was just by the skin of my teeth. Still, I look back at it all as a learning experience and I also made many good friends along the way, and the social side of my stay really made up for it and it's what I have the most fond memories from. I was a member of two clubs, a language exhange club every Tuesday evening where I would learn German from other foreign students and I would teach them English in return. The other club was a LGBT club that took place every Tuesday afternoon and it felt good to engage in subjects outside of the classroom with people I had intererests in common with. Both clubs were on campus at the student cafe The Bridge. There was also the pub/karaoke bar on campus, The Stag's Head, where I did one performance doing Calvin Harris' and Rihanna's "We Found Love" to great response from the audience. I also watched the final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest at The Stag's Head and the fact that I had a British sim card back then meant that I could vote for my own country Norway, which was definitely a first for me and a nice perk of having a different sim card haha.

12/15/2021 11:06 PM 

Back when I was a blonde
Current mood:  embarrassed

So back in December of 2004 I got this crazy spontaneous idea to dye my hair blonde haha. I went to a hairdresser and got it dyed and the experience of getting it dyed was quite fascinating. They first "painted" my hair with my dye of choice and I could literally both feel and see it getting lighter and they also used aluminum foil on my head which to me was a brand new experience as well. It was a total YOLO moment for me and I kinda digged it but my mom was so shocked and said "You have ruined Christmas for me!" (Dramatic much haha), my sister, who was 14 or 15 at the time just gave me the wtf look going "What the hell did you do to your hair?" and my dad just laughed at everyone else making a fuzz about it, he was all like "chill, it's just hair and he can always grow his natural color back!" so yeah quite mixed reactions there. In hindsight, it was a tad too blonde haha but it was fun having tried it at least.

11/23/2021 07:27 PM 

Norwegian LGBTQIA+ activist Kim Friele, 86, passed away last night
Current mood:  sad

Kim Friele, one of the most visible LGBTQIA+ activists in Norway, passed away yesterday evening and Norway woke up to the sad news this morning. Born in 1935, she was the first openly lesbian to be interviewed on national TV, the first to enter partnership when that became legal, on the frontlines all her life and a true hero. She has paved the way and been such a trailblazer and without her, Norway wouldn't be the country it is today. My coming out earlier this year would've been a lot harder hadn't it been for Kim Friele and everything she's done for the Norwegian LGBTQIA+ community. We've come such a long way but there is still a lot to be done and we will keep fighting in her honor. She will never be forgotten.

11/22/2021 05:41 PM 

Monday blues and printer struggles...ugh!
Current mood:  frustrated

I got a workout plan on PFD via e-mail from the personal trainer I train with at my local gym yesterday and today I was meaning to print it out so I could bring it with me to the gym and use for my workout session. But it turned out the old MP drivers for my Canon printer didn't work anymore and I had to install new ones. The online manuals said I could download them from their website but clicking around on that specific website, I only found instructions on how to install stuff and no direct download links for an MP driver. So I had to do a bit more online searching until I found other websites for Canon that had the driver for download. But upon trying to install the driver, it told me to unblock it from the Windows firewall and so I went into all the programs and apps the firewall gives permission to but there were no Canon related apps there at all so there was nothing there to unblock and that left me really frustrated. So here I am, with no workout plan printed out and a printer that just flat out refuses to co-operate. It completely boggles my mind how something so simple as printing should be so difficult and complicated...I guess that's one way you can tell it's Monday....sigh :(

11/20/2021 04:12 PM 

It's back on with the masks and keeping a one meter distance again

Despite most adults here in Norway being fully vaccinated, there has been a surge of covid infection going around in society this fall and it's gotten to a point where our politicians made a press conference declaring new regulations and restrictions, telling us to start wearing face masks in public again, keep a one meter distance and only hug close family members and those within your own household. The handshake is once again being replaced by the elbow bump and it seems we are almost back to square one again...sigh. The politicians did say that we can still attend events such as shows and concerts as long as we register at the door with our names but there's not a mandate for covid passports yet, although it's been up for discussion. So it's not a full lockdown, they say they try to keep society as open as possible but still have some restrictions in place in order to flatten this fourth wave we're finding ourselves in right now. I see why they're doing this but it's also understandable how some people are sick of all of this and they more or less went back to how they used to live pre-covid when Norway re-opened back in September. We're not out of the woods yet and if we follow these regulations, chances are we can have all our loved ones gathered for Christmas and far fewer hospitalization cases too.


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