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08/15/2018 12:10 PM 

Kids & Hearts & Time & Dreams

Dark summer night dark summer night
Oh we search for redemption in three words
Always, always, always, redemption in three words
I am sorry
I love you
I miss you
Dark summer night
Hold me tight
(Don't) let me go

"I need a way away from those days
They haunt my spirit(s) and make my wine bitter
I can't afford jewels and they're hard to swallow
And you, my good sir, are just as shallow
As the glimmer of a diamond in the dawn of day
And the hearts we left behind, confused by the daze"

Dark summer night
Dark summer night
Terrible a-plight
Devoid of light
Take my might
Break it right
Lost my sight
Lost my fight
Dark summer night

"I stand alone and the world is vast
I stand alone and the shadows are long
You are no more and I miss your rust
The fight is so hard, I don't belong
'm 'fraid a dark summer night won't suffice
'fraid 'I love you' won't be the knight
in shining armor to save my life"

Fight for yourself
Get it together
Believe in yourself
Go fix yourself

Before you fix others
Sometimes all you need is to change the batteries
And it'll work again, work like a charm

So before saying "I love you",
And it was the hardest thing they ever did
They learned to say "I love me"
and I admire them for their deeds

(but not all of us have that courage
and not all of us are that strong
and some of us think it's morally wrong
to embrace such flaw)

08/06/2018 12:47 PM 

I'm A Bad Loser (Not Meaning I'm Terrible At Losing)

Three shots in the dead of the night
Three shots and I can't hear, not quite
For each bullet is like a cry
And each tear brings tears to my eyes

Leave things as they are (don't show up)
Unless you need something from in here
You're a fool to think I forgot the lock
I'm just sad to learn you won't disappear

Your pink lips are white lies if they part
You can trick me but not for that long
Though I long for what wasn't long
Though you may still play the part

Dress up for the days hearts collide
Paint tears on your face with a brush
Then get them off in a rush
Soon as you find an ugly side

Am I fooling myself now?
Tell me, are all these delusions and lies?
Who can I trust, who can I not,
If the girl in the mirror wants my skin off my bones
And the ones on my side...

Can I trust you when you say it's in my head?
If I have these thoughts each time I go to bed.
And the tone is each time more convincing
When it says my face is sickening.

I don't mean to burden you
I don't wish to bring you down
But here, at the very bottom of my mind
There's no light that filters through the cracks
There's nothing that's holding me back
And oh, I forgot to mention,
The sign reads "No entrance"

I'm hoping for renewal because I don't know how long I'll last
I'm begging for friends because I only see ghosts of my past
and patterns that repeat themselves endlessly in my eyes
Like the were burnt to the top of my corneas

If you were gonna pretend you could've told me from the start.

and each time i so desperately asked you if you hated me.

and each time i begged you to leave me, to leave because i'm no good.

and if i really am as selfish and bad.

then why the hell are you still around?

and can you tell me when's your one way ticket away from me due?

07/30/2018 11:30 PM 

I feel like crap
Current mood:  angsty

I'm tired all the time, I'm either super happy or things are just bad and I don't feel like doing anything. There's no reason, there's a bunch of reasons, none of them are bad enough to justify it. I've been thinking of going back to stuff I know is no good, I can't talk about this to anyone because they look at me like I've gone bonkers, and I haven't gone bonkers. At some point I thought I had, I went to talk to someone about it, a counselor, but it didn't feel good, it didn't feel good to have it out there, it felt like it wanted to make it's way right back into my brains, so i pretended everything was normal, I don't even know what I'm up against. Sometimes I think I'm making sh*t up for attention, I go full weeks where I'm fine, where nothing happens. 

I don't want to promote feeling sad.
I don't want to promote aching.
I don't anyone, ever, to think that this is cool.
So I can't describe what I feel without risking it, I can't talk about the things I want to do, but it's there, in my mind, and i feel so powerless.

sorry about the rant. i just needed at least some of it out.

goodnight, my dms are always open if anyone needs help thru tough times ♥

06/30/2018 10:54 PM 

piece of mind? (I liked you better when you were sad and lonely)

Not all that glitters is gold

Sometimes it's the metal of a ghost 
An entity that no longer touches my skin
Subconscious thoughts, what you want most
Ah, tradegy, best frenemy 
Bathe me in my sins (blood)
Drown me in my sorrow (tears)
For I wear on my flesh
The marks of time I borrow
Though I mustn't rush time
Though I shouldn't want this
Like I shouldn't want you
Like I shouldn't like the bitter kiss
Of a serpent that no longer kills
But slowly, it's making me ill

Oh, I, poor little me
I desire sadness like everyone else
I glorify suffering like everyone else
Each night is just another night
And I do not deserve to breathe
And so I shut my eyes and dream 
Of a world where everyone feels real
And so I stop inhaling, why bother
If inspiration comes from a broken soul

and if to write, you must suffer.

04/02/2018 12:08 PM 

Like Looking For The Off Switch In The Dark

There are so many thought in my mind

Brain flowing like an unstoppable river 
Anger guided towards imaginary crime
It's none of my business, the state of your liver 

Four, twenty, ten thoughts that terrorize me
Translate it to a language of love, it makes sense
Haunt the top of my neck like ghosts beneath my skin 
Reminding me of the darkness of all my sins

I punch walls like I punch my mind
Aimlessly, uselessly, just to pass the time
And where am I going with this, how should i know?
I lost my direction when I lost you, dumb? you bet

Nonsense but it pours out like it's not nonetheless
No one cares, no one cares you're driving them away
They're pretending, why do they pretend why don't they just go
Yeah leave leave me alone here locked up inside

But oh please stay stay a little longer, a longer while
I'm egotistical and idiotic and that much I know
But I need something between me and this shine
I was hoping you wouldn't let me stop so low

And when they're all gone where will I go
Existence depending on the eyes and the ears
On eventual flashes and crinkles muscles
And when they're all gone guess I'll go

The time, the time it doesn't freeze
You can't move it out of place like slime
You can't turn back the hands of time
Cold, dead, veiny, the hands of time

And violence so much violence
Wishing to thrash me from inside
Breaking the delicate dam of my patience
And leaving bruised knuckles like promises behind

03/05/2018 10:37 PM 

Against All Odds
Current mood:  unhappy

They never wished to end up this way
Curled up in a ball counting their blessings
To stop the tears from falling astray
So that their sadness would have a meaning 

And then behind a wall of numbers
They hide, feeling every day number

They never wished to end up this way
But life doesn't care about feelings
On their highs their head meets the ceiling 
Come down hitting rock bottom anyway

And then behind a wall of mockery
They hug their knees hoping for better

They never wished to end up this way
Yet finding the light gets harder every day
Isn't it supposed to be at the end of the road?
Why won't anyone let them take the highway?

They never wished to end up this way

One more nightsky 
That's one more daylight
One more small victory
Over the meaningless fight
That is the c(o)urse of their life

02/26/2018 08:05 PM 

tu commences à me faire chier

Deux yeux pleins d'espoir

Pleins de larmes 
Cimetières d'envies noires
Dépotoir d'armes

Ton coeur, une centrale nucléaire 
Ton sourire, une image éphémère 
Notre toujours, sensation passagère 
Ton bonheur, ma tombe, mon enfer 

Tu commences à me faire chier

Tout va bien, fais comme si j'existais pas
Garde moi comme un chien 
Traite moi comme un drap

Si tout collapse, là t'as besoin de moi  
Écris moi chaque jour
" J'suis toujours là pour toi"

Tu joues la victime de pièces oubliées
Tu vends ton attention en pièces détachées
J'en ai marre de rien valoir
J'suis tannée d'être à tes pieds

Depuis le premier soir tu m'as ignorée
Un jour j'vais te le faire payer
Si le silence c'est ce que tu veux
De tes radars je disparaîtrai

T'sais, des fois, t'as pas besoin d'être Miss My life is falling apart
T'sais, juste une fois, essaye donc ça être là pour les autres
Pas t'en calisser complètement jusqu'à ce que toi t'aies besoin de quelqu'un

Si t'étais tellement une bonne âme
T'auras pas besoin d't'en vanter

01/20/2018 10:06 PM 

this ink i've spent over you to let you know i don't care sends contradictory messages
Current mood:  blah

i've spilled ink 

i've made mistakes
i've ran my mouth
my eyes, 
made my own heart and head ache

not anymore
not for you
only tonight
only one more time

you're a ray of sunshine on a grey day...
that reflects directly into a magnifier and sets the whole forest on fire
you're beautifully destructive, 
cute but oh i hate you so

you used to be the person i despised the most
shut me up when i'm having fun
make me ashamed of who i am
vicious on the inside
presented with care

you've taught me to see past you
and all i see is broken 
broken that doesn't want to be fixed

broken that wants to cut and break everything out of sheer rage
and well, for someone who spends their time wallowing in self-pity, i guess it's hypocritical of me to say

but you know what, 
i'm gonna say it

stop it 

stop making everything about you

the world doesn't spin to make you dizzy
this guy didn't go out of his way to ruin your life
this teacher didn't change the rules to make you fail

own up to your mistakes

i know your life sucks but dude 

you're making it impossible for it not to.

01/13/2018 06:49 PM 

Music elitists, mania, FOB fandom in general
Current mood:  bummed


as a person that deeply loves Fall Out Boy and practically kisses wherever they walk (metaphorically of course), I am pissed off. I know I'm not very relevant or whatever but like let me talk about this for a few minutes. I'd like to cover a few topics: what's a fake fan, respect in the fandom, posers, music elitists and well of course all of these are related to the new sound and ultimately: M a n  i   a.


I've been a fan of FOB for roughly two years, so I can't say I'm like, an encyclopedia of knowledge on this topic, but... I've seen a bunch of people call each other fake fans, and my opinion on that is that's a dumb thing to call someone else. 

very elaborated I know

wait, let me explain:

How can you be a fake fan of something? Is that even possible? If you genuinely like something an artist does/did, you're a fan, if you don't, you're not a fan, if you pretend to like them to be cool, you're a poser. It's about as easy as that.

Just because someone likes Take This To Your Grave and not Mania doesn't makes them a fake fan. 

You don't need to worship every single thing someone does to like them.

like, a very select amount of people can even stand the sound of Evening Out With Your Ex-Girlfriend or Arma Angelus (I personally like arma's stuff but yknow). The people who can't stand can still be like, the ultimate FOB stan. 

Please stop attacking people because they don't like the new sound and you do, it's annoying and completely useless and it makes the fandom toxic and divides it. vice versa.


As Patrick Stump has said, " Music is a thing people really define themselves with."

Okay, what does that mean (in my  h u m b l e opinion) If you're a punk, you listen to like, Black Flag, Misfits or well, yknow, punk bands. If you're a metalhead you listen to like, metal music. If you're a loser like me, I MEAN, an emo, you listen to like, emo bands. Alright you get the logic.

NOW, some people think that because they listen to Kvlt music, black metal and death, they're like, better persons? Edgier? Closer to the devil? I dunno man..

Isn't it


when these people go on like, youtube videos of BVB or whatever and they're like " tHIS ISN'T rEAl mETal!!!!!!! the only REAL metalheads LIsten to mayhem ALL DAY EVERY DAY and sacrifice baby goats to satan!!!111" (please don't get offended, this is for humor purposes) (don't curse me, kvlt kids, ur cool) 

yeah? I agree with you, it's annoying. 

Well it's also annoying when emo kids (unironically) trash pop music or well, whatever genre just because they dislike it. Listen, 


OH, also, you're allowed to like Britney Spears and listen to Arch Enemy like, you don't need to limit yourself to one genre, you're not better for it, just more ignorant.


also @ tttyg fans, give mania a chance, just try it.

alright, much love fellow emos

just listen to any music you like the sound of

even if its lyrics are dumb
even if the rythm is sloppy
even if it's pop
even if it's Blood On The Dancefloor

let's just be nice to each other n respect people's personnal tastes

p.s: I don't support people that trash on fob for doing new stuff and harrass them to turn back to the old sound, they're doing what they love, let them. ur not groovy

01/13/2018 06:33 PM 

i want friends lmao




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