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09/13/2019 09:51 PM 

what in god's name is wrong with jasper? (an opera)
Current mood:  weird

no its not a real opera. im too sleepy for that.

but anyways i have been MEDICALLY EXAMINED so i have some...things. Occurring. tomorrow i gotta hustle on down to get my knee zapped with an xray and see what the hell is wrong with it. also i have 2 go to the Harmacy to get the dinky low dose zoloft my doctor prescribed. im not expecting much from it but...we shall see.

ALSO i have to uhh go get my sleep study done so i can Then get me very own cpap (its a fun thing that makes u breathe while u sleep!! bc my body sure isnt doing it itself!) which is gonna b a small scale nightmare. and im supposed to have some sort of blood thing done just 2 make sure i dont have anything Scary in my blood.
oh and im like supposed to go on a diet and talk to a counselor which Might suck. bc we get like 5 free visits thanks 2 my moms sweet job but i have. So Much wrong with me and a lot to talk about that idk if i can cram it all in. bc we sure as hell cant afford that sh*t normally.

i swear im not usually this Ailed. things just kinda stacked together. but yknow im Hoping the pills will...do something, at least. and i hope i can get that ol cpap bc it must be so refreshing to not wake up feeling out of breath. ITS MAGic.

anyways YEAH im hyped but also scared haha my body is a prison and i am chained 2 tha wall!!! Terrifying. 

07/29/2019 03:54 PM 

lesbian drivel

my chronic shoulder pain is a goddamn nightmare nd i wish a cute girl would massage my shoulders bc they always hurt : - (

i am so sleepy but have u noticed how beautiful women are like...holey hell !! theyre so stunning and pretty and they make me wanna craft bracelets immediately. i love u have some ...beads. i get so O_O around girls bc idk what to DO i just get possessed by the gay and im like oh f*** oh jeez 

yknow? it sounds silly but its painfully real. but at the same time i just..want to spend time with a girl bc i have dumb jokes and i know constellation things and i write dumb poetry in my dumb gay handwriting and it is just....wowie wow girls make me behave strangely

05/27/2019 12:46 AM 

Jasper Complains a Lot About Trivial Matters: The Musical - Act 1: F***nuggets
Current mood:  thoughtful

first things first if u arent giving ur vent posts silly titles u have failed. anyways welcome to the sh*tshow. i have been... Hm. filled with a particular kind of lesbian angst. 2 be wicked honest im just lonely. and maybe perhaps possibly i think the idea of having someone around to care about and Not Be Lonely with sounds nice ok. but also im like oh yeah i just remembered what i look and act like and i probably have no chance with anyone. it seems like a dumb thing to worry about but im just. a very sensitive mofo & im full of love ok. its simply just my pisces moon ass. oh and also i think ill maul the next person who makes any form of comment on my weight. like ur just askin for an ass kickin. cruisin for a bruisin. munchin for some punchin. soundin for a poundin. ok im done.

05/24/2019 05:21 PM 

surpwise: its more poetry
Current mood:  headphones

im gonna stop being a weenie and just post the sh*t. n'joy or w/e

how could i blame the tick for wanting blood?
in a way, i thought, she was like me
we both wanted more; needed more
we were starving
and only cruelty could feed us

(^ that was edgy, heres Another)

i wasn't rebellious
i wasn't difficult
i wasn't a problem child

but that's all you saw
because i wouldn't lay down and take what you called "parenting"

(that was Also edgy. this one's just gay)

i used to know a blue woman
who made the ocean sway
and brought the moon to shame


huzzah. garbage.
i dont rly write terribly long sh*t bc im tired. poetry is not rly my jam i just do it for fun/to get Feelins out. so thats the reason why it isnt like...fantastic or anything.

05/23/2019 09:46 PM 

sh*tty sh*t that's sh*tty
Current mood:  chill

wow its a poem i just wrote and it also sucks ass!!


your belt is tied around my arm
constellations keep me grounded
what's in the sky? possibility? freedom? deadly pressure? suffocating silence? endless void?

i prefer to watch from here
as they rise and set, while i lay in bed
lyra, scorpius, bootes, sagittarius, virgo, corona borealis, orion
just names and shapes, yet they're all i rely on

04/29/2018 09:55 PM 

uuumm question?
Current mood:  confused

how do y'all get that autoplay music on ur profiles

ive tried a bunch of codes but none of em actually worked so..idk
is there like another one idk about or something ??

03/11/2018 03:59 PM 

Current mood:  nostalgic

im eating garlic bread and getting nostalgic abt playstation home

im pissed whyd they shut it down i miss the konami penthouse and the beach and sh*t like tht
plus i had alot of cool outfits on there..mostly stuff friends gave me so i never spent any money it lol

03/10/2018 06:39 PM 

spiderman 3 bitches hells to the yeah
Current mood:  hungry

im making..nachos.

f*** Yeah hell yeah

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