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11/13/2022 01:23 PM 

adventures in dog world (plus a snail update)

i learned a rly great method so im finally teaching my 7 yr old dog to come when called. hes...decent at it so far. id say hes at about a 70% success rate in just one session. i taught him the concept inside (basically i point at the floor in front of me, say "ollie come", and when he comes i grab his collar, praise & treat him, then let go and let him go back to his business) and then i took him to the backyard for the Real test. also ik, ive had this dog for 7 yrs and its p late for him to learn this extremely basic command. but i hav honestly had it with his signature Heeler Sass(tm) and ik hes a smart boy. 

theres a lot more distracting things outside, and he doesnt wear his collar often unless we're going out so that excited him too. the times where he failed to come when called, i walked over to him & grabbed his collar and (gently, but firmly!) guided him to the spot where i called him from. he got a bit cranky when i corrected him like this (there was some snarls and mouthiness, but he didnt bite. i still scolded him for tht) but after i was stern with him i treated him and let him go. i waited a bit and then called him again and he came straight to me so i gave him two treats, lots of pets and a smooch.

we're takin a break now but i hope to work some more in a couple hours. and now 2 the Second part of the blog: snails!

so i first got my snails...nearly 2 years ago. which is an average lifespan for milk snails. they were adults when i caught them and i have had more added to the gang, but a majority of them have sadly passed away. i think jethro is the only one still alive from the original crew. i caught 2 more milk snails yesterday and ive decided to name them hank & dean. theres a lot of weeds in the yard bc we havent mowed in a while, which is gr8 bc dandelion leaves & the other weird leafy plants that grow are some of my snails' favorite foods. which makes sense bc thats the stuff they eat in the wild. and ofc, cuttlebone for their shells. i bought some new ones (one for my bird, one for snails) so we're set for a while. anyway thts it for me and my pet adventures!! ill post an update on ollie once its been a while.

10/12/2022 08:23 AM 

bitching and whining 2k22
Current mood:  annoyed

i stg i could literally starve myself & still gain weight. its Gotta be water weight or ill scream. if im working my ass off for nothing im gona b so pissed off!!!

09/19/2022 10:31 AM 

go look @ my website on neocities
Current mood:  bouncy

idk if i ever mentioned this b4 but i have a neocities site!!! made it all by myself w some help from the Brain Gang and also html help forums lol. i add new stuff all the time so go look at it nd liek sign my guestbook or something. or read the mile long page of personal information abt me LMAO.

also im gona put up an art gallery soon so u can see my art & stuff!!!!!!! look: https://159.neocities.org/

09/09/2022 11:29 PM 

echolalia of the day/week/eternity
Current mood:  understimulated

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Gettin' my degree on my own time
Education connection matched me with the right college for free
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Get connected for free (free)
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08/05/2021 01:47 PM 

yknow what, im about to say it
Current mood:  annoyed

i honestly hate how th internet has become. i mean, it used to be ur mothaf***in oyster. ppl building their own personal websites & being able 2 customize it however they wanted. message boards & web rings for anyone with a common interest. 

these days the most u get to do with ur typical social media is change ur icon & if ur lucky, a header image. no wonder kidz these days are circling back to sites like this, neocities & building their own pages on carrd. bc it can look however tf u want it to. not this stiff, set in stone minimalist sh*t.

and not 2 mention sh*t like websites selling ur data and devices spying on u to advertise. its sick. i miss the crazy, fun wild-west of the internet in its infancy & adolescence. and i hate this plain, big brother type sh*t we have today. they can hardly even show you sh*t in chronological order. its purposefully designed to put people who were already popular and famous at the forefront, while artists and content creators struggle 2 make a name for themselves or be seen at all. i h8 it!!! i h8 it all to hell!!

05/04/2021 05:51 PM 

the tales o' snails

today i have been doing nothing but researching land snail care. lemme tell u why.
last week it was pretty cloudy, humid & gross. it rained a lot, so a bunch of snails came out to enjoy the wetness. soon after tho, as texas so often does, the clouds cleared away and it was hot & dry again.

i didnt kno this, but when its too dry or hot for snails, they go into a dormant "hibernation" state where they curl into their shells. their heart rate slows down immensely, along with their breathing, so they can stay like this for a long time while they wait for the next rain.

i saw someone had 'revived' snails by gently misting them w water & i was like! what ! so i went outside, picked up 6 dormant snails from the yard & gave em some moist. nd..yea. within a few minutes they were up n at em, crawling around. 

i saw another super tiny one outside, so i brought him in too. over the day i made their little space more livable, adding soil, plants, some wood chunks to climb/shelter under & some spinach to eat.

theres 7 of them in total, and their house is preeetty small, so im either gonna divide them into two small habitats, or one big one.

i gave them names tho! theres lil slugger, feldspar, howell, rose, turbo, sample janice, & jethro. lil slugger is named after the kid from paranoia agent, feldspar is named after. Well..feldspar. its a mineral. howell is named after howell from bee & puppycat, rose is named after rose from homestuck, turbo is Not named after the snail from the movie but rather the snail from the game snail mail. sample janice is named after a "sample" drivers license from tennessee which i think is rly funny. and jethro is named after jethro from ok ko. 

so..yea. im just gonna be keepin em, feeding them and taking care of them. initially i planned to return most of them to the wild but. over a day i literally fell in love so much. i hope they like their little zone and hanging out in wet dirt !!! i have children. they are all snails.

01/10/2021 01:52 AM 

yknow what this bothers me
Current mood:  blah

i started thinking abt this a little and i was like. hm. kinda pisses me off a little. so here i am.
something that rly irks me is when people talk about how "(social media website) is so toxic!" and for one reason primarily. on social media u can practically curate your experience Specifically to you and who/what u want to see. it is Literally up to you what you see. if someones posting something u dont like, unfollow them. u can follow, unfollow & block literally anyone u want. 

dont fault the website for hosting things u dont want 2 see. unless that something is actually illegal/dangerous/rulebreaking, then its 100% up to you what does & does not appear on ur feed.
thts all. tht just bugs me when ppl say tht. like, bro. u get to choose lol.

12/14/2020 04:15 AM 

AAAAA (witnesses account)
Current mood:  moody

every year whn my birthday approaches i experience existential dread bc i am very afraid of the realization that Tangible Real Time has passed. in my mind i am exactly the same as i was when i was 12. thats bc of trauma but also bc im autistic & change frightens me. its almost liek i froze while everything else has moves & changed & shifted.

i just. idk. i always have fun on my bday im just. i feel further and further away from myself. its like my body is moving without me. i cant Explain how horrifying & depressing it is. im liek literally abt 2 cry rn. maybe its the Dissociative Whatever The F*** but im not terribly um anchored to my body.....bc um. yknowe. idk where im going w this. i Know i have good things 2 look forward too in the future nd i intend to live to see them but its so odd just floating aimlessly when u thought ud be dead by 16! wow. anyways. im done sorrt 4 the rant.....thing........idk. its lengthyyyy. dw abt me. ill b okay this is just a part a tha Roooootine. im dissoci8ting again so ♥ byeeeee

05/04/2020 11:35 PM 

screamin in the void
Current mood:  awake

uhhh ok long time no blog. i havent had interesting stuff to talk abt and honestly ive hardly kept up w/ my irl journal. i never even finished my last entry lmao.

but uh whats been up with me! quarantine sucks but i still plan on doing stuff i like!!! that involve no other living beings. i plan 2 go out and howllll at the full moon !!! its gonna be so fun im gonna bring like. some paint. and write crude things on things. maybe find some bottles to smash. its gonna b fun fun fun. 

other than that uhhh i have something kinda embarrassing tht i wont talk about. ive kinda sworn to never ever say anything about it bc of reasons but aagghh its lame. i hope im over it soon bc my brain doesnt know how to act normal over those things. i just gotta ride it out.

anyway yeah thats it. go home.

11/04/2019 11:22 PM 

You've Got Mail (Medical Ailments)
Current mood:  electric

ruh oh im gonna talk about my health again everybody clear the funk out.

ok so. i did my sleep study like, last week. the results just came tf in and i do indeed have sleep apnea (or slapnea, as i call it bc who doesnt make jokes about their conditions??) so like....cpap city here i come!! im not 2 thrilled about it lol. its gonna be weird. 

but!!! aside from tht ive been on a fun diet for like 2 months almost and i lost like 20 pounds so far or something so thats wild. i dont feel Physically different but i dont get the urge to snack all the time no more. its magic! !! I F***ing Love Protein. and theres like low carb versions of eeeverything. its tight as hell.

oh and i have to go to the dentist this week which i am pretty excited for bc i forced myself to take better care of myself by simply hyperfixating on dental hygiene. like it worked but normally ppl dont get excited abt having tools in their mouth and drooling everywhere. oh well we been knew that im weird.

im str8 up Abnormal. thats cool with me


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