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02/25/2018 09:27 PM 

myspace abt me surveyy


name:  tuesday bleeding
nickname:  taako, queen of evil, jeff(ie)
how old are you: 15
zodiac sign: leo/virgo cusp ♥
current location: my bed o3~
eye color: bloo
hair color: brown :""(
hair type: it'z long and waveyy and thicc
height: 5 ft 5 or 6??
what's your middle name: rose!
shoe's you wore today: socks xD
your weakness: cinnamon buns r rlly good lawl. bandz bc i love music too much 030
your fear: mcr not doing a reunion tour :"(
have you ever ridden a mechanical bull:   nop
do you want to: no XD
goal you would like to achieve this year: get mai hair cut & dyed. probably start going out more 
first thought when you wake up: MY DORITOS OWO
best physical feature: im pretty + have thicc leggies xp
who is your bestest friend: my gf!
when is your bedtime: orly?
your most cherished memory: meeting bvb!
pepsi or coke: neither. ew
mc donalds or burgerking: MCDONALDS! MCDONALDS! MCDONALDS!
single or group dates: singl
what is the last song you sang?: love conquers all by botdf
does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive: hell ye! xD
what is your biggest pet peeve: preps who refuse 2 have an open mind, especially cishets preps who refuse 2 even consider that there's more than girl/boy, straight etc. and ppl who aren't preps that act like there's only one good subculture
do you drink: ive sworn against it frever
ever been drunk:  yes
do you smoke: no
do you "SMOKE":  no
do you sing: yaaas
what color underwear do you have on: bloo
do you want to go to college: no, uni tho!
have you ever been in love: Yes
do you want to get married: if im allowed.. love is love!
do you believe in yourself:  no :/
do you believe in others: yes!
do you like thunderstorms: yea
do you play an instrument: badly xD
what do you want to be when you grow up: game dev, or a concept/design artist. deep down I just wanna follow Gerard Way's career lol
what country would you like to visit: america
how many CD's do you own: so many
how many DVD's do you own: EVEN MOAR
how many tattoo's do you have: 0
how many piercings do yo have: 2
how many things in the past do you regret:  loads :/

shoes: creepers
radio station: :/
drink: green tea latte
car: :/
place: blue banana
song:  oof dont make me pick! maybe kill all your friends?
movie: hmm,, idk??
moment: ??
color: rainbowwww
meal: chicky nugget!

favorite eye color: red xD
favorite hair color: dyed
short or long hair: long
height: Taller than me
body type: That's mean
does ethnicity matter: no
piercings: Please
tattoos: blease

do you think you are attractive: yea just not my tummy!
are you attracted to someone who does not know it: yea
would you like to be someones fantasy: owo??
hunter or hunted: ...
do you kiss with your eyes closed or open: kiss virgin!
a little or a lot of tongue: ^^^
older or younger: prefer older
lights on/lights off or candle light:  candlee
do you like to cuddle after: owo""??
do you like to cuddle in general: yassas

what is todays date: 25/02/18
what time is it: 2:56
who are you thinking of: my gf!
what are you listening to: mcr
do you love someone: ye
do you know where your mechanical bull is: 
does someone love you:  ye
is it raining:  no
how many myspace friends do you have: 66
are you happy: no

blank in da comenntz xD
rebecca posted dis o3o

07/28/2017 01:37 PM 

Hai there peeps
Current mood:  bored

itz so cool dat we got smthn jus leik old myspace ^^ id lov 2 see it b used more ESPECIALLY by mai scene kid crew back on el tumblob

2day iz freakday so itz fnm 2nite!! I'm expecting 2 com probably 5th but who knowz? ^^
hav a gr8 weekend lol

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