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lovely luke

Last Login:
July 23rd, 2024

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Gender: Male
Status: In a relationship
Age: 26
Sign: Aquarius
Country: Brazil

Signup Date:
April 27, 2024


05/11/2024 12:27 PM 

• ꒰ αbout me꒱ ˎˊ˗ •
Category: Blogging
Current mood:  pretty

name:  lucas
nickname:  luke
how old are you:  26 yo
zodiac sign:  aquarius
current location:  Brazil
eye color:  brown
hair color:  brown
 hair type:  curly
gender:  trans male
your heritage:  we're black and indigenous
how many CD's do you own: 5 CDs and 3 vinyl discs
how many DVD's do you own:  oh, a lot of it
how many tattoo's do you have:  none, but i wish i had
how many piercings do yo have:  none too :(
shoes:  i like all star
drink:  pepsi cola
place:  the water
song:  just like heaven by the cure
movie:  the return of the living dead
color:  i luv pink, black, purple, red


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