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03/10/2024 07:12 PM 

When the song and the wallpaper takes you back
Category: Blogging

Now and then I catch myself missing my dear friend Aaron Carter who sadly passed away two years ago and I get in my feels playing his music to honor his memory and remember the talent he was and his golden eras where he was on top and had success in his career. I came across this video today that combined his song "Dance With Me" and a fanmade wallpaper someone made that I used to rock on my computer back in the day and it all totally took me back to those days when I was a devoted fan, the wallpaper and song are from the 2008-2009 period and that is among one of his best as an artist. So I wanted to put it up here to again honor his memory.
Aaron Carter feat. Flo Rida - Dance With Me



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