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February 23rd, 2024

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Gender: Other
Status: Single
Age: 13
Sign: Gemini
Country: Poland

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February 02, 2024


02/10/2024 02:41 PM 

My fav games
Current mood:  adventurous

Some of these games i play on my laptop or phone thanks to emulators:
-The Sims 3
-Bayonetta (1 and 2 cuz i still didnt play 3)
-Alice Madness Returns
-American McGee's Alice
-Saints Row The Third
-Yandere Simulator (i do not support yandev)
-Honkai Star Rail
-Just Dance Now
-Legend Of Zelda Breath of the Wild
-Pokemon (X, Violet, Emerald, HeartGold and White 2)
-Need for Speed: Most Wanted
-A Date with Death
-Our Life (BA and NF)
-Xenoblade Chronicles X
That will be all right now 


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