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February 23rd, 2024

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Gender: Male
Status: Married
Age: 36
Sign: Sagittarius
Country: United States

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December 31, 2023


02/09/2024 11:02 AM 

Category: Real Life
Current mood:  amused

So one day back when I had friends irl, we were all sitting around making D&D characters.
My friend and our DM (same person) walked up to me and, fully clothed, drops his balls on my shoulder.
I lifted my head and tilted it to the side lond enough to think "Yea, that just happened", then blurted out "You know... man... we never just talk anymore..."

The entire room erupted in laughter and our DM had to step back to avoid crushing himself on my shoulder while he was doubling over laughing.


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