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Space Ghost Story Into

Story opens aboard a medium spaceship/space warship.
The ship itself is a prototype on it's first voyage into the field.
It's now the largest ship in the fleet, yet is still only half the size of their enemy's largest ships. Its out today testing it's stealth capabilities.
It is following a set route crossing into and out of enemy territory with a new technology which both hides them from enemy sensors and makes the ship itself visually appear as both there, and not there; as if a ghost ship. With the cloak active they cannot fire weapons, but take reduced damage while the cloak reinforces their shields. They have their systems configured in a way which allows them to disengage weapons and reactivate the cloak within a span of 4 seconds.

The bridge of this ship is more compact than one would expect of a ship this size; and the unique construction of this vessel places the brige further into the interior to be protected by the rest of the ship. Bridge stations are activated mainly with touch panels, with several secondary controls having toggles and blinking lights.

The scene enters on the prototype ship's bridge. The Ship's Captain is at the helm (this is standard in this continuity) and announces to his crew to prepare to cross back into enemy territory as per their scheduled test route.
The bridge-crew visably appear to begin casually working their controls (checking readings, not making changes). The captain changes course and their ship lazily begins drifting across the enemy border. When the ship is nearly about to cross into enemy territory, a red light comes to life behind the captain. An officer behind and to the right of the captain calls out "imminent dimensional cross-rip, directly ahead of us!"
The Captain halves his ship's already slow crawl and replies "time to test those new compensators"; and the captain flips two toggles.

Three sleek ships flicker into view just ahead of the prototype.
An officer directly behind the captain quietly confirms "three ships; definitely Tsori'kadra, roughly five decades ago".
The three new arrivals do not seem to take notice of the prototype.
From Behind, the officer quietly calls out again "Sir, I'm reading a faint communications signal from the three vessels"; the officer next to them adds "definitely seperate entities then, not some singularly controlled illusion".

The three ancient vessels suddenly all begin to slowly rotate.
Back and to the Right "Sir, we have moevement!"
The three vessels continue their rotation until they all have the nose of their vessel pointed directly at the prototype warship.
"So much for those compensators" calls out the captain, "Engaging engines to twenty-five percent" - The Ship's engines burst to life as it begins to pull away from the three aparritions; but they give chase, their engines never showing any sign of activation.

"All three in pursuit!"; From behind, "Activating Secondary Generators, diverting all available power to cloak, shields and engines."
The Captain Responds "Accelerating to fifty-five percent, brace for evasive action."

As the prototype's engines burst again and the ship lurches forward, the Ghost Ships all open fire, not having any issues keeping up with the prototype. The first few shots from all three ships miss, then finally all three hone their systems on the prototype's shields.
From behind and to the right, "Direct hit, rear shields holding firm".
From Directly Behind, "Good thing we made those upgrades, with any luck they won't be able to damage us."

After several tense moments dodging ghostly weapons fire, three more ghost ships suddenly appear, identical to the first three.
From behind, "Three additional fighters!"
Behind and to the right, "How?! There was no-" An alarm blares on her panel; "Holy hell; dimensional cross-rip exponentially increasing in strength, Captain!"
"Damn!" The Captain seems upset, but not surprised; "We have to abort; we can't risk being overwhelmed by these things."
Almost immediately, cascading across their vision one after another, ship after ghostly ship begins shimmering into existence.

"Oh dear god...we need to get the hell out of here..." The science officer is clearly terrified.
Just as the Captain reaches for the controls, the largest ship yet begins appearing from the void; at least double the size of their own Prototype vessel.
Without warning the captain slams the ship's throttle to max, not willing to wait for this behemoth to fully materialize and open fire. Within moments the ship lurches as something impacts the shields hard.
The captain calls out, "Status?!"
From behind and to the right, "Rear shields holding at ninety-six percent; Port and Starboard shields taking a beating, sir! Ninety-four percent and dropping!"
From Directly behind, "Reading weapons fire from all around us, there must be thirty ships out there."

Yet another enromous shape begins to materialise from the darkness.
None of them notice, because their sensors simply don't recognize it.

From behind and to the right, "Sensors are overwhelmed, Captain! We're getting interferrance from the swarm!"
"Damn", The Captain knew it might come to this, as much as he wanted to avoid it; "On my signal, divert all available power to the engines. We're jumping the f*** out of this system."

"We're reading a massive spike in cross-rip activity!"
"Sensors are detecting a massive build-up of energy in what looks like their weapons systems!"


The shields weaken as the cloak is dropped and in the instant before the ship can accelerate to leave, all of the ghost ships concentrate fire on the center of the prototype ship; tearing through the weaker shields, straight through the ship's engines, main engineering and life support.

The crew outside the bridge were likely already dead, and the officers on the bridge were trapped with an unconscious Captain, surrounded by destroyed ship through all exits. With the Ghost Ships bearing down with the intention to board, the officers had only one thing left they could do.
They recorded one final message, and initiated a warning beacon.

Here is that message:
This is the final account of what remains of the crew of The Dutchman's Daughter. We seriously f***ed up. Stay away from whatever remains of our vessel. We will be dead within minutes, but I need to know I tried to contain this atrocity. We didn't believe in what we were messing with. We used it like a cheap prank. We have no clue what we tapped into, but it knows we did. And it's pissed. If you want to live, don't come looking for us. If you've stumbled onto this recording because you're already onboard: Pray. Pray like prayer was the best sex you've ever had. And God help you.


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