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Gender: Male
Age: 14
Sign: Scorpio
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February 08, 2024


02/08/2014 04:18 PM 

about me :3
Category: Real Life
Current mood:  hungover

name:: foster  
nickname:: foz or fos  
how old are you:: 14 cocktober 12  
zodiac sign:: libra (heheh bra)  
current location:: erm my bed  
eye color:: brown  
hair color:: a lot. natural brown with blonde in the frot sections but it looks very slightly greenish  
hair type::f*** if i know    
your heritage:: salsa cracker    
what's your middle name::nicolas    
shoe's you wore today:: none i rotted in bed  
your weakness:: hot chicks  
your fear:: uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh idk man  
have you ever ridden a mechanical bull:: no  
do you want to:: no  
goal you would like to achieve this year:: idk  
first thought when you wake up::goddamn it           
best physical feature:: idk tbh im just a goober  
who is your bestest freind:: erm dexter hes my pookie baby boo boo bear  
when is your bedtime:: never  
your most cherished memory:: first boner  
pepsi or coke:: dr pepper tbh  
mc dondalds or burgerking:: burger king  
what is the last song you sang:: living dead girl  
  does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive:: yeaaaaaaaaaaa  
what is your biggest pet peeve:: most natural human things like yawning loud or chewing sounds or making noises when u wake up like just be f***ing silent unless ur talking or lauhing or smtg god damn  
do you drink:: meh  
ever been drunk:: tipsy  
do you smoke:: sometimes  
do you "SMOKE":: as in weed bc yeah  
do you sing:: yea  
what color underwear do you have on::    i have my d*ck out    
do you want to go to college:: nah  
have you ever been in love:: idk  
do you wnat to get married:: lmfao no  
do you believe in yourself:: sometimes  
do you believe inothers:: mostly no lol im not a good person  
do you like thunderstorms:: ehh sometimes  
do you play an instrument:: kinda  
what do you want to be when you grow up:: f*** if i know    
what country would you like to visit:: uhhh idk man idk  
how many CD's do you own:: idfk  
how many DVD's do you own:: idfk  
how many things in the past do you regeret:: all of it but it had 2 happen to get me here    
shoes:: converse, vans  
radio station:: alt radio full blast in the car  
drink:: redbull  
car::    used ford van                                      idk?    
place:: dexters room, hot topic  
song:: living dead girl rob zomb  
movie:: uhhhhhhhh a lot  
moment:: idk man  
color:: a lot  
meal:: tacos, udon, curry  
favorite eye color:: idc  
favorite hair color:: idc  
short or long hair:: long  
height:: idc  
body type:: idc i really dc  
does ethnicity matter:: NO??????????????????  
piercings:: dc but itd be cool  
tattoos:: dc  
do you think you are attractive:: gonna be honest i feel like some aspects of me are attractive but my personality is a big turn off because im a total sh*thead  
are you attracted to someone who does not know it:: lmao no    
would you like to be someones fantasy:: skull emoji    
hunter or hunted:: f*** does that mean  
do you kiss with your eyes closed or open:: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ive only kissed someone like once soo yeaah closed    
a little or a lot of tongue:: skull emoji    
older or younger:: like for a partner. idk man ive had a sugar daddy who was like in mid late 40s and dated someone who was 13 and looked 18 so.  
lights on/lights off or candle light:: lights off/very dim light    
do you like to cuddle after:: no    
do you like to cuddle in general:: i dobt like cuddling.  
what is todays date:: 2/8/14  
what time is it:: 7:PM   
who are you thinking of:: nooone  
what are you listening to:: sheltered by superhaven as im typing this  
do you love someone:: not romantically   
do you know where your mechanical bull is::skull emoji    
does someone love you:: not romantically i hope  
is it raining:: no  
how many myspace friends do you have:: not enough  
are you happy:: meh yeah  

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