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Sign: Aquarius
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01/22/2024 10:01 PM 

JTK x Reader (Part 1)

Pine trees that seem to pierce the sky engulf you in a loose, woodsy labyrinth of trunk and pine needles. Moss enlevoped the left side of the trees, following their old traditions of following the North Star. But even with the thick blanket of snow draped and secured over all the stout shrubs and burrowed little critters, you can't help but feel as if you're not truly alone. Your pounding heart in the frozen peaks of the town, warm and flush as ever. Your blood runs like antifreeze; every instinct tells you that you're not alone. 

A familiar, amateur-sounding voice cuts through your train of thought. It's delivered in a soft whisper, but it doesn't matter. You whip around as soon as you hear it. You push the figure away violently, as much as your arms will allow.

The company.

Your lips curl into a snarl. "Jeff! It's freezing outside, and you decide to be 15 minutes late!" You barked. 

Jeff put out two pallid hands to prevent you from coming any further. His mouth twitched into a grin against his will. Even his expressions fell victim to his sheer insanity.
"Hey, hey, hey.. to be fair, I told you it was gonna be a little cold."

"This is record snow! It-"


He pushes a finger to your lips. His dulled eyes seemed to spark to life, darting around at the environment around them. One of his crazed-driven giggles laced his words.

"Are you crazy? Stop being so loud. If anyone hears, if the rangers hear, they'll put me back in that hellhole of an institute, and you.. probably to jail for trespassing!" His words were pressured whispers through clenched teeth. The lips that encased it were chafed, a blood-red smudge upturning into a scarred smile carved permanently into the meat of his face.

Even when in a bed of soft, unintentional laughter, his words still carried that same edge.

You promptly purse your lips beneath his finger, and turn your head away. 
You only have enough dignity to look at the snow beneath you as of now. Arms cross against your chest, in both embarrasment and coldness.

"I just want to know why you called me here. "

He opened his mouth to say something, but only let out a sigh with a hearty plume of fog. The laughter died out, as if it were a small flame crushed by the bottom of a shoe.

".. It's about, well," he mumbled, "you know."

"No, Jeffrey, I don't know." You huffed, annoyed.

"Slender man. You know? You know his proxies?"

You nodded promptly.

"yeah, what about them?"

Another fit of spontateous giggles filled his mouth. They came spilling out, and overflowed him to the point of doubling over. His scarred hand cupped his mouth, and tried to force any sound right back inside.

"Jeff? Jeff, tell me!"

You took a step forward with a crunch in the snow, and grabbed his shoulders. His long, uneven hair caught between your fingers. Weaved, in and out, tangled, as he trembled in faux elatement.

"You-," he wheezed, "you'll be-," a cough, "one of them."


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