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12/12/2023 03:10 PM 

blog 12/12/23
Category: Blogging
Current mood:  sick

hey everyone, ive been so busy with school ): 
im currently sick with what i thik is a chest infection. ive been finding it hard to do much because ive been out of breath. i think im starting to get depressed again, or maybe its derealization. time is going by so fast. i wouldve said it wasnt that long ago i updated this but its been months. i turn 18 next month. thats actually sickening wtf. 

ive had a lot happen since i updated this. me and one of my bestfriends stopped being friends after 12 years of friendship. its a lot to get into though. because of this i also lost another really close friend. my best friend since middle school barely talks to me. we havent seen each other since august and that was only for a little bit. i think the last time we had a sleep over was my birthday. but because of all this ive gotten a lot closer to my other friend who ive been close friends with since the beginning of freshman year. i consider her my bestfriend though i dont know if she considers me hers. 

i havent really been out of the house for a while since ive been sick. my bestfriend abby wasnt feeling well while i was going to school so i havent seen her in a while. im starting to get a bit lonely tbh. i havent really spoken to anyone in 2 weeks. ive been messaging a new friend a lot though. i like being friends with this person, we both love music and have similar types too. its nice to finally have someone to talk about metal music with. 

speaking of music i recently got a bunch of cd's to add to the collection. 

christmas is soon but it doesnt really feel like christmas tbh. i miss christmas as a kid. 

i think thats all for now. i have another doctors appointment tomorrow i think. i need to go about being sick and get the results from my EKG.

you know you love me,
xoxo, gossip girl 

ps. ive literally never watched gossip girl so i dont know why i always sign off like that 



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