SELF denied Holy Warrior for Jesus

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February 27th, 2024

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 119
Sign: Aquarius
Country: United States

Signup Date:
February 15, 2023


11/30/2023 05:08 PM 

My latest web social media profile's -
Category: Real Life
Current mood:  working

Change DOT 2 a . THEN backspace THEN copy & paste the weblink in2 a NEW web window's TOP search address bar - My web-social profiles: instagram DOT com/lone_corpse_123 , gab DOT com/lone_corpse_123 , gettr DOT com/user/lonehuman123 , mewe DOT com/i/self_denied_holy_warrior_for_jesus , minds DOT com/lone_corpse_123 , mastodon DOT social/@lone_corpse_123 , friendproject DOT net/lone_human_123, pocketnet DOT app/lonehuman123 , friendser DOT com/profile-6969 , sovren DOT media/u/lonehuman , palscity DOT com/lonehuman , buzzbii DOT com/lonehuman , usa DOT life/lonehuman , orbys DOT net/lonehuman , plurk DOT com/lonehuman , wimkin DOT com/lonehuman , twellit DOT com/lonehuman , inlinx DOT com/about/862600594_0 

Me - SELF denied Holy Warrior 4 Holy, retributionary Eye's of Fire, Holy Majesty-King Jesus Christ, eternal Son of Yahweh Jehovah Father God & Heaven (itself) / 3 in 1-1 in 3 Holy Trinity & WITHOUT or NEVER QUESTIONING HIM = Daily & relentlessly Hard core SELF denying, single-celibate (me NO shacking up NOR human breeding), tired, frail, straight-hetrosexual, alpha male old dying man, Luke 9:24-Hebrews 11:1-Luke 17:21-22 & Luke 12:51, Warrior allegiance, Christian Caliphate-Jihadism, wrath of Achilles, I-me rise 4 Holy Majesty - King Jesus as HE'S ALL I solely alone care about & literally NOTHING is more important than ONLY HIM, NOT even me via Holy Bible's Luke 9:24 = NONE SELF own NOTHING, NOT breath NOR Soul! I NO stand with U adult USA-global humanity, I solely alone stand with Heaven's Warrior Angel's & the eventual Coming 4 Holy retributionary (terminators of all terminators) Horsemen currently-presently in resting stasis until the Coming moment!


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