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11/29/2003 10:21 PM 

Wednesday Check-Up Blog 3

It's 9 PM right now, I'm on call, and today has been a long day. It's been a bit hectic, but I had my fair share of fun too.  My sister's on a flight right now to the U.K., and today we had to drop her off at the airport. My mom took us over to Aimee's house and she drove us to the airport, and I will admit, I did cry when my sister left. I know she'll be back in a few weeks, but I still miss her already.

After that, Aimee and I chilled out in her trailer. I taught her how to play Minecraft, made some egg salad, and had quite a few deep discussions. All the while my allergies were going haywire... -_- 
After about an hour or so we had to pick my mom up from the airport, and she was crying a lot, poor girl... I ended up hugging her when we got home, and she did cry a little. I guess we're both already missing my sister.

I will say, though, that it has been pleasant being alone, not walking on eggshells with everything I do and not getting micromanaged. I am enjoying the calm. Plus, I can sit in her room all I want, and she'll NEVER know.

As soon as we got home, I was utterly exhausted. Ended up laying down with my music for a couple hours. But now I'm on the phone with my boyfriend and our friend.

That's all, toodles.


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