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December 5th, 2023

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September 30, 2023


10/01/2023 02:55 PM 

gonna use this like its pete wentz live journal lmao
Current mood:  bored

i cant possibly b anything like petes but its fine--

im bored as sh*t n putting off doing homework. we gotta read this book called Trafficked, n honestly its good im just reeeeeaaaaalllllyyyyyy not in the mood 2 read but, im like 100 pages behind n we gotta finish on tuesday so i kinda gotta get catched up :/ I also cancelled on seeing the new saw movie with my friend because im not in the mood, i need 2 catch up on homework, n ive been rlly stressed and anxious lately... aaannnyywwaaayyy i get pizza 4 supper so thats better ig. OH OH N I GET 2 C FALL OUT BOY IN MARCH!!!!!!!! March 15th in Florida, m' so excited ive been listening 2 that band since like 2015 so this is rlly cool!!! I also get 2 see Metallica next august which is gonna b sic, been waiting 2 see them 4 2 years by the time we get 2 august. I made some fob merch yesterday, Im in luv with it, its so cool rhejgheirjkfjwk1!!!!!!!!!! 


idk what else 2 talk about so im gonna go n actually do my homework (prob not lmao) 

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Oct 2nd 2023 - 2:39 PM

:000 AAAA LUCKYY !!!! xDDDD also i luvv ur shirt !! xDDDD nice hawthorne heightz reference x33

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