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December 4th, 2023

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09/24/2023 05:02 PM 

Factory Farming Abusive Unethical Behavior Dominic Homan Rep John Kerry Dem

Shared with Public As a Guardian Angel over watching, reading and hearing factory farms ABUSIVE style of jobbing worth ethics none like John Kerry says bi partisanly I agree we need to Reduce factory farming deaths maybe shut it down and go back to Traditional Farming, breed create Pigs Boars Chickens Roosters Cows Bulls let them nurse no milk machines?? Farmers used to milk the utters by hand. Dominic Homan Anthony 8m · Shared with Public sex reassignment surgies should never been done on 8 year olds or 9 or 10 or 11 nor 12 nor 13 year olds nor 14 years old and onlyonechrist Chole says show proof I've seen the proof on X Twitter. Where she is the biggest liar, hypocrite, anti christ trans teens support abortion not let it be 16 or 18 I was 21 when I voted cause when I was 18 Bill Clinton and Al Gore VP or Hillary was giving advice to Bill Clinton I wasnt ready to vote I said to John Kerry we need to end reduce animal slaughter.


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