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September 18th, 2023

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September 17, 2023


09/17/2023 09:06 PM 

fun thingz 2 do!!! :)
Current mood:  blah

womp womp my first blog post! i saw someone on here who was kinda disillusioned with our silly silly capitalist hellscape, and so i wanted 2 give some FREE options for stuff to do!!! sh*t my friends n i do constantly because we're unfortunate enough to live in the us of a ahaha

  •  you could go to a state park/literally any place with a forest. it sounds kinda unamusing, but usually you can find some fun little abandoned buildings or traintracks or something like that.
  • you can film a little movie with ur pals (u dont need a camera btw, just use ur phone or ur computer :P) it's easy n fun
  • u can find abandoned places 2 explore ("oh but zipp, how could i do that when everyone keeps them under wraps wahhhh") i can teach you how!!!!!!! but itll be a seperate post methinks cuz its kinda complicated (ALSO, MAKE SURE TO FIND OUT LAWS SURROUNDING URBAN EXPLORATION IN UR COMMUNITY I CANT CONDONE ILLEGAL SH*T--but i can teach u how to do it lmao)
  • draw on your friends with sharpies hehehe. also you could probably give each other piercings but ive been too p**sy to yet >_<
  • you could rot on this site with the rest of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anyway, i hope this gave u dudes some silly fun ideas. hopefully u live somewhere walkable or have a car. ahah. ok buh bye :P


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