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08/16/2023 08:10 PM 

blog post 08/16/23
Category: Blogging
Current mood:  accomplished

Finally got my new desk in! I'm planning on buying some cool new drawer knobs because the ones on it now aren't my style. School starts soon and im not excited about that. Normally I'm excited to get school supplies but my mom has been stocking up on stuff so I wouldn't have to go out and get stuff. I appreciate the effort but I love buying my stuff ): I need very specific notebooks/pens/pencils because 1) I hold my pencils weird, 2) I need smooth writing because I write in cursive and 3) Notes are like the only way I can study. I think she got basic hilroy stuff buttttt she did get my favourite mechanical pencils :3 I think thats all for now. 


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