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08/06/2023 05:51 PM 

blog post 08/06/23
Category: Blogging
Current mood:  accomplished

I just noticed for the last few blogs I've been putting 09 instead of 08; it's August ToT 

That's beside the point, we finally got my closet completely cleaned out and cleaned. I started putting things back in my closet too. I got the first basket of laundry put away and I sorted and threw out some more stuff. I cleaned all the stuff off of the top of my mini book shelf and cleaned it. The desk is scheduled to be put in for Wednesday. My dad has to paint it because it didn't come in black haha. 

I'm so happy I finally opened up about how my room makes me feel and that I asked for help. I really didn't want help, I wanted to prove I wasn't useless. I think getting my room cleaned has been improving my health a lot. 

I'm so excited for my room to be clean so I can get decorate it with posters and photos :3

That's all for now, XOXO gossip girl 


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