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Hola|Bonjour|Hello|Oi|Konichiwa|Nihao|Halo Artisans, Acolytes or Prince & Princesses ha (They were voted for best names to call fans askfmcountriesusshoutouts4745225504 x).So this is my 1st post..reminds me of the blogs I did in before they decided to remove my site there..& prior to yahoo 360 blogs closure. Anyhow, I'm just going to make this blog short & simple.I have 2 Music playlists & Anime abridged series to share!Enjoy! Hoy compartire unos videos de musica & playlist de anime para los que les gusten, asi que este blog estara corto pero Disfruten! PopPunk: Cumbia
AnimeAbridged : Best profile layouts imo are|Mejores diseños de perfil en mi opinion(imo) son: 5,13,26,28.34,37,41,143(notshowpic|noenseñafoto),105prple,106/393. Quizes Rest of Blog: Group: Recent versus Theia Visus v. Ariadne Labyrinthus.Little Witch Academia v. Avatar Last Airbender.Pop Punk:California(2016 Album)Blink182 v. All klr no filler(01 Album)Sum41. USCA Bakersfield friends' rec songs#1: What is love?(2010 Album)Never Shout Never v. Tonight(2010 Album)Toby Mac.Spy Title Ost v. Wildtangent Virtual Warfare. Astrape & Bronte Scintillae v. Epione Epivoli.Siesta of Tdiad v. Emilia-tan of Re:zero.Nyanners v. Hakui Koyori.Amphitrite Oceanus v. Rhea Fertilitas.Gaia Nature v. Artemis Hunt.Made in Abyss v. The Promised Neverland.Minerva Artisan v. Persephone Pride.Aphrodite Amare v. Ostara Renaistre.Future Diary v. Higurashi.Nyx Nuit v. Hemera Jour.Which following potential Festive Holidays would best be dated on?Android games: New mini games like Playtogether,Stumbleguys,Roblox v. or Ones like Battlefield. Lovesong-The Cure v. Everybody's working for the Weekend-Lvrboy.W/out, I may have not known of these songs..Great music. Invincible-Pat Benatar v. In the Shadows-The Rasmus.Am I wrong-Nico & Vinz v. How to save a life-The Fray.Best of Scene Music: Botdf Epic Album v. Brokencyde I.n.a.f.but the kids like it Album.*Glitch in Sim v. YTLilith's Side Effect. You & I-Anarbor v. Welcome to my life-Simple Plan.Yally's Party Party v. YTLillith's Slv sng.John 5:13 Has got to be the most deep verse in the bible & since is connected to a famous person back in an unfortunate catastrophic day..Rachel S..Askfm:Who are some good people to follow on here? 7:Downtown CA LA Fanatics: @iMaxGZ @zexx725528 Long time friend & into Metal: @kandydevil Knows alot of nostalgic good tv shows: @coffee__donuts Popular & Fashionable: @pdmclara6 @Cecilia_Aurora Model(Or does lot of versus polls great): @precautiouspaige Good Advisory friends(When not joking around or feeling down ofc): @FreshICYGirl @ConnorSchramm105 Best Photographer IK:@Qatari999243 Talented Music Maker: @LeFevreFever31082 Amistades ES: AU/Brit: @soph_333 Pranksters: @tomandjerry7777 @Apesh*tz Missed some on purpose but they know who they are & including them..all of us are talented in our own ways (Any1 can reply if not want to be listed or can list selfs) A:Best Workout Apps 7:You can try a Athletic Works Resistance Tube(Comes with excercise chart) or the 'Burn your fat with me' app or YT: Prepix Dance Studio, Growithjo/TeaganDixon, PopPunkPower,(Scene)XxworldofchemicalsxX,SsmartNightcoremusic(3hr02minone),Relax Mix Soft Rock-YTMusicBeats,Space Rock Travel dos ors(1:44:00)Underratedalbums,MadanceFitness Zumba Hours. Diff dance moves: S.o.s-Rihanna(Fav by Studio Dsoul) & got En/Esp playlists in A:Shows to watch? 7: 'All That' 'Amanda Show' 'Grounded For Life' 'That 70s show' 'Modern Family' or consider Comedy: Horror: Everything else: A:What is one song that an ex dedicated to you? 7:Just had ldr ones & Ill mention main one: Dont go chasing waterfalls-Tlc. There are others from good friends: Hot & cold-Jewlery,Teka Taki-Raisa,Sometimes-Britney Spears,Dernier Danse-Indila,Let her go-Passenger. Im quite culturistic in music. Some songs I've dedicated back: Amor Prohibido-Selena,Larger than life-Bsb,I need to know-Marc Anthony,Bye bye bye-Nsync,Made up stories-Go:Audio,This love-Maroon 5,Grenade-Bruno Mars.This has got to be one of the cutest animation I seen so far[6/25/23 May Update] youtubecomwatchvkhK_afMwAdA From Nichijou anime(Reminds me of Lucky Star & Azumanga Daioh): youtubecomwatchveE3BIlKqMYw A past good YT seriesarchiveorgdetailsSMASeriesEpisode51SMASERIESSMASeriesEpisode1wmv[email protected] Layout Manuscript Bio,Headline Title,Content, any word count!Readers Digest 100,[email protected]|Writer’s Weekly 600,Medium/Swfa 800)  ocab: Verbatim. Lang: bubbles app, yandex image ocr,lingvanex.Send topic ideas.~Cheers|Hasta luego Ask self:What should my blog niche be about?What you all like to read most? 1 Homebrew dnd(isekai lore) 2 Sprntral 3 DYK News(cults|gangs|hx) 4 Lifestyle(travel,realestate)5 Psychology(theatre,politics,beliefs,phobias) 6 Karaoke(poems,lyrics,quotes,parodies,jokes) 7 Manga 8 Movies 9 Review Anything 10 Other.

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Mar 11th 2024 - 11:32 AM

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3/11/24 7Mxg's Clairovoyance, Foretell & Lifestyle Tales & Blog Hosting Rant. I'm just going to make this comment thread my blog.Why? Because I dont like taking on bunch of space in a webpage.. tumblrcom7mxg7445838473683763207mxgtheotakucomsourceshare you cannot comment anonymously,popups appear without login in, so I dont see any benefit on that. Spacehey you are limited to 369 characters in html profile so I wouldnt be able to show you bandcamp or YT videos that way. Be fortunate for Friendproject, Forumotion & definetly Jimdo since they were there since 09, no issues. Therefore, I present a Zodiac Horoscope Forecast:
1. Capricorn, Amalthea, Saturn:Likes:Outgoing, Overspending Habits,  Risk Taker, Adventure,leading Quote: I usually prefer an ambulatory life rather than a stationary and mundane one. 2.Aquarius,Ganymede,Uranus:L:Smart,Leader,Independency Q: Doesn't hate signs? There are people who happen to have certain signs.
3.Pisces,Poseidon,Neptune:L:Whimiscal Q: We're a special breed with wild imaginations.
4.Aries,Ares,Mars:L:Competitive Q: Do you have dreams? Call them plans. 
5. Taurus, Minos, Mars:L:Enforcing own rules; sometimes anti-social; Q: Pissing them off; they may show their insane wrathful side.
6. Gemini, Castor, and Pollux,Mercury:L:Rebel Q:I know how to swerve you from your most stubbornly held convictions. Geminis never expect anything. That's why I live life on the edge. I know how easily promises can be broken.
7.Cancer,Artemis,Water Trigon Moon:L:Popular or Shy,Self-centered Q: I’m very close to my family & being that close to your family, I think you also struggle with how to become your own person -Linda 
8.Leo, Zeus, Sun: L:Confident Q:A hero you wanted & a hero you became . 9.Virgo,Hermes,Mercury.L:Perfectionist,Self-conscious/critical Q:There is always room for improvement; trust me, have I ever steered you wrong? 10.Libra,Aphrodite,Venus:L:Empathetic,balance Q:Normal is an illusion; what is normal for a spider is chaos for a fly. -YTRekabharas (Also trying so hard to do right—Grover Cleveland.) and many other quotes. Gave a teaseful quote to cancer: It's not okay to be happy when you're cancerous; name should be changed.
11.Scorpio,Hades,Pluto:L:Death,regen,cold Q: Has small talk; would rather know how one died or not be talked to at all.
12.Saggitarius,Krotos,Jupiter:L:Spontaneous,nice,modest Free-spirited, guided by curiosity, fueled by adventure, & unbounded by limitations. 
References: Strengths and weaknesses: likes+dislikes @ evestanley/what-are-the-positive-and-negative-traits-of-your-zodiac-sign-e2d5b515536a
Feel free to check out the anime mbti & niche quizes: theotakucomportfolio7mxg

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