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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 19
Sign: Gemini
Country: Philippines

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January 02, 2020


05/26/2023 02:11 AM 

ephemerality is the greatest sin

forever was a few months ago. your body next to mine. stars shining brighter than ever. crisp evening air heightening every sensation there was to be felt on the cold, chalky pavement. i am a dusty stargazer, covered in years-old cement and grime. i look for meaning in the constellations and the crescent moon that skewedly hangs in the sky but i end up finding it in your eyes. my starry-eyed darling, my angel whom i hold so near and dear to me... in your pupils i trace hearts and in your smile i am able to make out the revolution. forever was a few weeks ago, your heart set aglow, traced by the illustration of mary's very own atop your chest (and across mine). we like stormy skies and parking lot promises, only this time they last longer than twenty four hours. we like kisses and light touches, only this time with less fervor and more control. we let our love speak for itself.  forever was a few hours ago, our current fate etched in wood and in memories we'll carry for the rest of our lives. forever is all that we have, forever is however long god will lend me your presence. sing me to sleep, hold me for a bit. make me quick promises and let me drown you in kisses. the days i can no longer keep up with and the hours i cannot count, but even the most mundane moments with you carve out a large crater in my heart. stay there for a while. for a good while. i'll eventually figure out how to fill up a you-sized hole when you leave it. my heavenly dearest... my darling boy... i could never resist you


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