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05/24/2023 11:13 AM 

Succession s4e9 ending analysis!!!
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Okk first of all did anyone else cry during this?? Cause it was soooo sad :((( Roman has obviously been repressing his emotions, or at least grown sort of numb to them, so seeing him break down crying during the funeral was sort of a relief but also reallyyyy heartbreaking D: anyways -- i think the ending got misinterpreted by a lot of people...or maybe i just didn't understand it XD but i don't think it was about Roman trying to feel superior after a humiliating experience. i think it was more about Roman looking for a punishment. since it's been confirmed that Logan was physically abusive towards Roman whenever he would make a mistake or just got on his nerves, you have to wonder why Roman still seems to care the most about his father (even after death). I think it's because Roman has convinced himself it was deserved anytime Logan was abusive towards him. if someone has learned to believe they deserve to be hurt for making a mistake -- or even showing emotion -- it would explain why Roman would seek out physical harm after he "f***ed it" (thanks Kendall XD) during Logan's funeral. Roman knew exactly what would happen if he agitated the protesters.. he WANTED to be hurt by someone and Logan isn't there anymore to do it. Soo... yeah XP that's my mini sort of character/scene analysis!!! hope this was at least sort of interesting and not totally lame XD


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