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03/22/2023 11:53 PM 

[ A first weekly review..! ]
Category: Art
Current mood:  impatient

[ Logging on... Finding Tracks... ]

{ I suppose I'd normally like these to go on Fridays or Saturdays.. but the post button was too bright and shiny and I got impatient, so here you are..! }
{ Each week I want to post 3 - 5 EDM tracks I have been enjoying with a nice review. Suggestions are welcome, thank you so much for helping me find cool new music..! [Cyber Angel wonders...] Do you prefer Spotify links, or Youtube links? }

[...Cyber Angel is Queuing up a CD: Heaven Mix Vol. I ...]

[Track 1] In Motion - Stray Beast
    [Rating] 10/10 [Genre] Techno [Attributes] High Energy ~ Pumping Bass ~ Disco Samples ~ Danceable ~ Jammable
    [Review] { Such a bop..! I recently bought this one to add to my sets. The techno bass blends perfectly with the house sample for an absolutely incredible track..! }

[Track 2] *!On Repeat!* Flaming June - BT
    [Rating] 8/10 [Genre] Trance [Attributes] Floaty ~ Peaceful ~ Euphoric ~ Bright Sun ~ Spring Day 
    [Review] { This track makes me feel like I am floating through a field on a bright spring day..! It has been stuck in my head all week. I enjoyed BT's R&R album very much, it is worth checking out if you want more..! }

[Track 3] NOTFAIR - Hatena
    [Rating] 7/10 [Genre] Future Funk [Attributes] High Energy ~ Euphoric ~ Disco Samples ~ Motivational
    [Review] { Such incredible energy on this track..! The intro is my favorite part- amazing. I only wish the song didn't sound quite so routed through a hi-pass... as the song wears on, you start to feel the middle range is missing, giving an odd, hollow effect, and almost tinny sound }

[...Cyber Angel stops the CD and flutters down to the comments...]
[...Cyber Angel is eagerly awaiting your throughts..! ]


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