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March 24th, 2023

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 19
Country: United States

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March 06, 2023


03/07/2023 01:15 PM 

Favorite games:ALL TIME!!
Current mood:  amused

Im pretty big into gaming mainly single player rpgs, open worls etc. So i thought it would be fun to put down my favorite games in a list

  • Blasphemous- this is an indie side scroll hack and slash with a super interesting story and beautiful art. I played it 2 years ago and I still consider it dear to my heart. 10/10
  • Omori- Rpg adventure "horror"  it doesnt really scare me there are scarier horror rpgsmaker esc out there(Ib,Mad father, stray cat crossing) but the story telling is very compeling and deals with the theme of grief and deppresion on an amazing level. 8/10
  • Yakuza 0/kiwami(those are the ones ive played so far)- rpg beat em up action game. While platign this game i got to experiece the fun mini games and  characters that really set this series apart from others like it. The story and graphics of the remake of yakuza  and kiwami are engaging exciting and heartwrenching. Im very excited to contiue playing the games especially yakuza ishin. 10/10
Ill update this as I play more games and finish ones Ive started.


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