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December 17th, 2023

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Gender: Other
Status: In a relationship
Age: 15
Sign: Scorpio
Country: United States

Signup Date:
January 16, 2023


02/23/2023 12:07 PM 

Category: Real Life
Current mood:  blah

hi hi friendproject!! I've been on here 4 a while but I couldn't think of anything 2 blog abt UNTIL NOW!!!!! 

so my parents got rlly pissed at me and they took my door and r apparently gonna send me 2 a mental hospital which WHAT THE HELL???? I've been sleeping in my bathroom so I can have a locked door (I don't trust them ) and it SUCKS in here!! I only have a comforter and some pillows so it's crazy uncomfortable! they took my phone and computer too (they said AND I QUOTE they wanted to "isolate me" which...what ) but luckily I was able 2 find an old sh*tty chromebook in my room and it runs like a BRICK but it does the job!

I've just been sitting in here sleeping mostly, I feel like sh*t bc of them but my partner has been rlly sweet abt everything and is keeping me company! (though I've been rlly bad about texting him back often I'M SO SORRY LOVEE!!! I'M MAKING A MESSAGE RIGHT NOW!!) he's in class rn so I'm just passing the time! I'm thinking about doing my hair 2 make me feel better but it's SO dirty and I do not wanna shower atm...(I'M SO AFRAID OF GETTING MY BLANKET AND PILLOWS WET) 

anyways, I usually hate hate HATE posting pictures of myself on the internet but if I end up doing my hair and makeup maybbbeeee I'll post it?? idk, but that's it for now!!! goodbbyye friendproject <)


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