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Various good info 4 ALL USA-globally 2 know & share;
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Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon? And also, you can scroll downward to see the video's on Learn More About Richard Maximus Fleming, PhD, MD, JD in Texas I think; my feeling is, HUH, THIS fellow human Brother, just another Son of Adam & Eve KNOWS his vocation & what he's speaking / talking about & worthy of humbly pondering & learning from what he knows & is freely sharing unto USA - global humanity. His email (s) - Ralph S. Baric - Professor of Epidemiology & Microbiology and Immunology at UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health, [email protected], [email protected] & [email protected] His website -

Gary Michael Null is an American talk radio host and author who advocates pseudoscientific alternative medicine and produces a line of questionable dietary supplements -, & Regarding Covid vaccine's & booster & misc else generally speaking, if you're looking for a good Doctor who NO B/S's around & gives you truth straight, Dr. Mary Bowden - And check out: ALLIANCE FOR HUMAN RESEARCH PROTECTION, Advancing Voluntary, Informed Consent to Medical Intervention -

"Covid 19 does not exist documentary" by Middle Eastern (who loves USA, FORMER Muslim, FORMER Atheist & just simply isn't religious but is NOT a hater) documentary film maker, Sheikh Murad, and

Barbara Honegger, Author, Researcher and Public Speaker, Email: [email protected], 'It's WORSE than you-ANY USA-globally think' - and Those behind 09/11/2001 attacks re: 3000 people; Barbara Honegger, Author, Researcher and Public Speaker, is the Creator of the video "Behind the Smoke Curtain" investigating the events at the Pentagon on 9/11. Email: [email protected] - and 911 PENTAGON ATTACK, BEHIND THE SMOKE CURTAIN - BARBARA HONEGGER - 

You can web keyword search these for more info on 9/11 attacks info, Mark Snyder, Behind the Smoke Curtain, Barbara Honegger -

Judy Mikovits a former associate of Anthony Stephen Fauci who worked along side him B4 she really SELF deemed what he was doing was (?), OH SO WRONG in so many way's & on so many level's so she 'bounced' (as we say from the streets), she chose her own more safer independent path. WATCH THE BANNED VIDEO PLANDEMIC, Plague of Corruption - ,, and WARNS FAUCI MAY RELEASE MORE DEADLY BIOWEAPONS ON THE WORLD -

Stephanie Savell, (why DOD issues dirty paper's to those of the branches that appear 'broken', thus, why homeless Vet's can't get services, misc because their blacklisted) anthropologist & is co-director of the Costs of War Project at Brown University's Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs. Email: [email protected], [email protected], Website:

Nancy MacLean, you can web search her name & book title & you should find it; Author of example: “Democracy in Chains”, American historian, “Duke” Professor – Email: [email protected] And Dr. Judy Wood knows alot about & of 09/11/2001, Email: [email protected], her website: And American interdisciplinary scientist: James Marvin Herndon, Science About the True Nature of Earth and Universe -

Amelia Kenyon, ‘Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines’ - Email: [email protected] & [email protected], her website: and,

What is 'project dragonfly'; < The Church & Vatican, centuries-2 date are-is (understatedly) evil CORRUPT! DON'T be fooled! And NOT what 'it' was intended nor suppose to have been per/via Holy Trinity. DHS & FEMA to say the LEAST, telling the clergy, "YOU KEEP THEM IN CHECK, MISC ELSE OR WE'LL DO IT FOR YOU!"; It has been reported that 28,000-100.000 pastors have been recruited by FEMA/DHS, as part of the Clergy Response Team -

Children's Health Defense is a activist group mainly known 4 anti-vaccine propaganda & is 1 of the main sources of misinformation on vaccines & is chaired by environmental lawyer-attorney & author: Robert F. Kennedy Jr - and Deborah Tavares, (she lives in Sonoma County - Northern California), & is a activist with a research team – Email: [email protected], Her website: 

Exposing geo engineering cover-up, providing essential info 2 help fight 2 expose geo engineering & bring ALL together 2 stop playing God. Time is NOT on our side, ALL need 2 engage this battle that must B won or ALL literally is Coming lost-CEASED-DEAD & even then, dying non human innocent Earth TRIES to literally heal with all humanity has done & is daily doing to it & THEY behind Chemtrails, etc deem, 'The hell you will heal Earth', GET it?! - 

& DARPA-HARPA agencies had hand in (Covid, misc) vaccines; "THIS IS JUST PURE EVIL" video re: Covid vaccines -

Author: Paul L. Williams book, Killing the Planet (Earth) & Paul did work on uncovering Vatican having ties to & with the Mafia, "The Vatican Exposed: Money, Murder, and the Mafia".

Elana Freeland is a investigator on various societal, misc thing's that affect us all USA - globally, & her email address: [email protected], [email protected], & her website - 


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