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March 29th, 2023

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Age: 39
Country: United States

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January 27, 2021


01/08/2023 10:45 PM 

DOnald Trump worship in 2023 it should be?? at an all time low Nuts stay away from Old Joe

Besides trumps vow on cartels which are not that many anymore I have my house going on 40 Have had it 11 years nine 9 Dad doesn't get why in 2023 trump still has supporters remember Abraham Lincoln 13th amendment abolished slavery should the 34th be abolishing modern slavery. That be law 13th amendment... we talk about less peoples in society will some peoples check on companys alleged to not paying peoples if so penaltys on the company. Ulysees simpson hiram Grant!!!! Ruthered b Hayes!!!!! Benjamin HArrison Teddy Rosevelt How about DOminic Homan's of COL beddy wolf bear teddy! great POTUS!!!


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