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November 23rd, 2023

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11/21/2022 10:20 PM 

Reasons why disney plus We cancelled why disney needs to delete some plus content titles

Paul Stanley LIP SYNCS AND USING BACKING TRACKS. Since 2002 minus 2003 2004 and all those years even 2022 Disney Plus doesn't have Bedknob and Broomsticks. Disney plus should not have heated servers they gonna crash if they dont delete some and organize thats why I cancelled my sub scription Disney plus didn't have Return to Oz
GET RID OF THE FOLLOWING TITLES parent trap rocketeer sound of music I Love Music but sound of music 1965 aint for me tron hamilton hidden figures disney plus should cancel school house rock its just 1973 meant after 1983 sepetember rock and roll turned to crap queen of katwe gravity falls beatles get back like them but no summer of soul 2021 diversity is good hope but peoples are woke against disney plus andor edward scissorhands shouldn't be on disney plus she hulk and logan was crap rise chp n dale 2022 crap alias of miracles and men west side story


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