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11/19/2022 10:19 PM 

americas sweetheart
Category: Real Life
Current mood:  vexed

        sometimes i cant help but feel like americas sweetheart. ive always thought of myself as a nice person, and ive always tried my best to be kind to others! though i ask myself; am i too nice?
now heres the thing about me: i cant be mean. okay.. cool?
no let me explain 
sometimes it feels impossible for me to tell someone theyre doing something wrong or rude or whatever. it is quite difficult for me to explain it but yeah. i think it comes from me trying so hard to be likeable. i never want to get on anybodys bad side and the thought of people disliking me makes we want to do unspeakable things. when people are annoying me or are being rude to me i usually ignore it and stay kind to that person! thats wrong. i know i should do something but i cant in fear of someone gossiping or whatever, i dont even have a big reputation, why am i like this???
i know i have feelings.
i think ive always been good at identifying my feeling and expressing them, this is just one thing that bugs me.
anyways i think this is my first actual blog thingy! dont think anyones gonna see but if you do: hi!!
i was a little hesitant at first to write this but then again: the chances of anyone i know in person seeing this is very slim; and even if they do what do i have to fear? this isnt crazy. i love oversharing on the internet!! 

if u read this thanks :) maybe ill write more of these ..

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Nov 26th 2022 - 10:29 PM

I read it! You're a good writer you should do more! I do the same thing (being too nice)  also we should be cool internet friends and read eachothers blogs and talk and stuff if you want ((:

Nov 26th 2022 - 10:44 PM

thank you for reading it !! and yeah we should, that sounds great :D

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