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December 2nd, 2022

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March 31, 2022


11/17/2022 03:28 PM 

The midnight moon (short drabble)
Category: Poems

The Midnight Moon 
By : sparky 

a deep dark slumber covers me like a soft silk sheet. 

My head clouds up as soft as the pillow underneath my heavy head.

A body, cold and heavy dipping and drowing into the deep depths of and ocean of sleep. 

My eyelids heavy, and droopy like the tired bags that hang below my eyes. 

i feel warmth, in the cold deep night. 

The moon. 

dispite not having my eyes open wide and with wonder,

i could still feel the softness of the moon. 

its soft luminous light reflecting off my icey cold skin. 

dispite hearing no sound, i could hear the moons soft song of lulibies. 

A song with no language to understand. 

a melody, even the deaf could hear. 

a dance, i could see- even with my eyes closed in darkness. 

The moon, 

was mesmerising. 

it made me forget time. 

forget existence, 

forget thoughts. 

Only the moons gentle song, 

was all i could recall. 

as i slept deep into the cold night, 

i would never want to leave the moon ever again. 



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