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November 13th, 2022

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December 07, 2021


11/13/2022 12:50 PM 

being exhausted
Current mood:  exhausted

hello ppl,
and here i am, once again exhausted asfffff. lately i must say a lot of things go the right way for me. i got the job i wanted, it looks like i can do the diploma i want, rn i live in a flat with the perfect location in the city and all that. but at the same time i be saaad, shawty. jkjk had to be said tho. but fr tho, my mind keeps f***ing me up over and over for no reason. i always keep getting into situations where i feel like i talk too much and after i jus wanna dissapear. like why cant i jus stfu. whats so hard abt that. also i feel a lot of sadness. i start getting overwhelmed a lot and i feel like im distancing myself from a lot- almost everyone. i want to text and talk back but i just cant. i dont have the nergy. i dont have the social battery. and it makes me so sad. i dont want other people to think i dont like them or sum. but also i cant tell them how i feel. and mainly i just dont understand why i feel like it. every mf thing is going my way, so why tf does my mind keep pulling me down.

now this is just a whole complain. im srry for that, but it needed to be written down. im better now anf if your reading this,this is your sign to start writing sh*t down to feel better! 

ok shawtys, see u next time


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