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November 22nd, 2022

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Gender: Female

Age: 16
Country: United States

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June 19, 2020


11/07/2022 02:52 PM 

Category: Real Life
Current mood:  cheerful

So I'm a third into my junior year of highschool now. I'm at that time wher I gotta start planning out my future, and i'm torn between what my parents wanna do and what i wanna do... 
My parents just want me to go to college, preferebly in-state because we don't have money. 
I REALLY don't wanna spend a f*** ton of money on college in america. ESPECIALLY in texas. i just feel like it wouldn't be worth the money. I don't wanna go to college RIGHT after highschool to study something useless, then spend my adulthood paying off my loans.
My dream is to move to japan and be broke for a few years, until i become fluent in the language. After that, i would wanna become a tv personality. My super unrealistic dream is to become a chika idol too, but i would not have the money to live off of doing that. Me being a lil black girl, amina du jean and shiopan are my biggest inspirations. Amina du jean entered the idol scene at such a young age, which is normally how being an idol works. I'm already 16 years old, so i really should start now if i wanna do anything like that. but telling my parents i want to do that is the hardest f***ing part.... 
In conclusion, i think i'm just gonna major in japanese at a college for a couple years, then drop out once i pass the N3-N2 JLPT test lol. i'm just worried at that point that i'll feel too old to start becoming a tv personality there. and i REALLY don't wanna waste any time doing things i don't wanna do. 


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