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April 26, 2021


11/02/2022 06:54 PM 

in class...AGAIN!
Current mood:  blah

In the same class that I was in when I wrote my last blog post.

I don't even know where to start to try and catch up LOL, so forget it I guess. Anyway, I had my second observation, and apparently went totally great! Even though I felt awful. Well, doesn't matter. I felt totally and completely shot and completely apathetic...BUT this last Monday I took over for Mr. Dubuque and felt as though I did really great! In my last class he was gone and I had a sub and I think I did relatively well...

I think maybe if I was a man or if I was older, they would respect me more, but well, when they see me teach for real, they will be as serious as I am. It felt totally great to teach...such a turnaround from the previous weeks LOL 

Anyways, I've come to terms with the idea that I am genuinely an alcoholic. For the last like 3 months, I have been drinking every day (and only cutting back less in an effort to lose weight). And before that, I had a pretty messy relationship with alcohol I suppose. I often think about the fact that I love alcoholism in literature (and I think I almost always have) because WHY CAN'T SOME PEOPLE GET IT RIGHT?! I guess maybe I ask that about myself too...but I don't a lot of ways I feel like I chose to be an alcoholic. 

That all being said, after class, I need to refill my alcohol supply. I have a TINY bit of wine left and that's it. I think tonight I'll allow myself to drink myself till I reboot! (futurama reference) because I don't start class tomorrow until 3:45. 

Um ANYWAY, bye!! 



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