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February 1st, 2023

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Gender: Male

Age: 37
Country: United States

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June 18, 2021


10/18/2022 06:59 PM 

I am sick and tired of living with my parents and my mom keeps torturing me to get me in troubl
Current mood:  unhappy

I know most of my people would probaby hate on me for this or don’t give a s**t about me or don’t believe me and think that I am a bad person and thinking that I wanted to hurt the kids but I didn’t and that is not true because my mom got me to yelled in front of people in the neighborhood, I need help to get me out of my parents especially my mom and my brother because they torture me to get me in trouble by the police also my niece Golden thinking that I’m a bad person also thinking I wanted to her my Niece but that is not true and I already have a bad record and it’s all because my mom is the one that got me to yelled in front of people I told the neighbors it was my mom is the one that got me to yelled trying to get me in trouble by the police I’m might going to end up in jail if people don’t help me get my own place, then you guys are just like other people thinks that I’m an a** and because I might have to end up In jail all because of my mom keep getting me in trouble because I am sick and tired of drama and parents always treated me like s**t also my parents forces me to stay in Phillipines and I hate it here and if you guys think I’m just making excuses, then you guys probaby got brainwash by my parents like my mom or my brother and I don't know what to say to you guys and I'm not trying to fight with you people and I'm just expressing the feeling the truth about my mom and my brother, even though I be nice and respect my mom and my brother before and long time too but they still treated me like s**t since when I was a kid back then too until now and I still get treated so unfair 


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