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February 16, 2021


10/14/2022 02:04 PM 

Learning guitar
Category: Blogging
Current mood:  impatient

I'd just like to ramble cuz music is my special interest but for the past school year I was going to guitar lessons for 20 mins every Friday, not a good enough amount of time to learn guitar properly but it did me decently for not having money for daily or every other daily lessons. Around February 2022 my guitar teacher stopped showing up and I forgot how to play guitar - my mum was still paying for the lessons fgs .

I recently found out that my mum's old friend/bf (?) left his electric guitar to her and she has it in our house. I already have an acoustic but during my lessons when I played on electric I preferred it and I think I'd have more motivation to practice with an electric. problem is: guitar's in a dresser behind a table with a TON of heavy plants in the conservatory and we're not even sure if the amp works. my mum's the type of person to always say she'll do difficult things "later" and never do them and I'm the type to constantly bug ya about it. I'm just a bit annoyed of waiting every day for this guitar because I just wanna get on it and get practicing it's unbearable 


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