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October 01, 2021


10/11/2022 08:52 PM 

How 2 kill (part 2)
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How to kill an armed malefactor suddenly threatening you with a blunt weapon

When an armed malefactor approaches you threatening you with a blunt weapon, then you will do the following strategic action: Avoid staring at them look away from their eyes. When they are done threatening you then he or shethey will turn away from you because they need to walk back to where they left the car parked. Take distance from them, then suddenly dash towards their back. Deliver a well-placed ground kick, below their center of gravity, well below the height of the hips, hitting right at their ankles. You should hit the exact timing where one of his or her feet touches the ground and the other comes up off the ground. Your well-placed ground kick has to hit only one foot placed on the ground while the other foot is up. The effect of this ground kick will knock them back to the ground, they will hit the back of the head (the occipital part of the head) The malefactor will suffer head trauma from hitting hard on asphalt, concrete or ground. The back of their head will be bleeding in the place of the hit. Meanwhile, run up to their neck and step against his or her throat (trachea). The stomp will cause a lot of bleeding from their trachea and esophagus. They will spew a lot of blood from the mouth. Whenthey are  drowning in their own blood you finish killing them so as not to let them die in such pain. Step with your heel, willing to kill a wrongdoer, into their windpipe, sink their windpipe until you feel their broken windpipe touch his or her cervical vertebrae. Okay, you've just killed yet another wicked wrongdoer.


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