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Quintaria Book IV

y were defeated in this battle. The Raventha warrior's rejoiced! after the vultures were no more!
Deslon! The Great!
The mighty wolf whom is highly appreciated in Quintaria is just adored by all. Two guests have arrived in the castle of Mystic. Michael, Daniel, Michelle who came from Starr… were shown to Deslon…this is Deslon I've heard so much about you… You're that flying talking big wolf aren't you yes I'am and I'm a little shy But I have gotten used to humans now a lot of misperceptions have come about us wolves there is even this rumor of werewolves in Quintaria but until we have word that there is one…that's all it's going to be until then. If you ask me I hate werewolves their curse came from a gypsy who was upset at the corruption, the lack of care that this Earth was being shown and how one town, or village became corrupt. Norgred was told by Deslon that Damien The Dark had challenged him to a wizard battle.
Damien The Dark…challenged a great wizard of good that is highly respected and thought of throughout Quintaria. Damien The Dark is an evil sorcerer who made an alliance with Queen Elfindel. See Elfindel is actually a warlock but a witch in disguise. Norgred at met Damien in The Castle of Dark it was very dark inside but lucky there was light to guide him. Damien the Dark came back! and was thought to be dead! Though the new Green Wizard slayed Damien the Dark once and for all! in the battle of the wizards! Jesus only appeared in a scene and that was it, he just wanted everybody to know that he is still here, that he is everlasting…immortal is word that defines eternity! He only showed up cause the God the father of the universe was at war! against the other God's of Egyptia! The people's of Egyptia looked up to, too many God's and lost site of what's right! A look back! At it's


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