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10/06/2022 06:42 PM 

October 6th 2022
Category: Real Life
Current mood:  bummed

Today wasn't a very good day.  Work went well, surprisingly it was the best part of my day.  Once I got home was when it shifted.

I work maintenance, at an office where if it could save someone a second, they want us to change it.  Even if the changing process would take a week.  Obviously, when I come home, I am tired.  I don't want to do anything unless I absolutely have to.

My dad came home around the same time I arrived home.  I was happy because this usually means that he will help Granny with dinner and my only duties would be taking care of the family dog.  To my disappointment, he somehow chaffed himself at work, so now I was the one who had to help Granny with dinner.

Luckily, dinner was easy.  Just watching a pot and some fries in the oven.  Right around the time dinner was ready I found out that one of my coworker's grandmother had just passed.  

Another good thing was that since I helped with dinner my brother had to do the dishes.  While he was washing, I was filming my new stop-motion.  Anastasia isn't in this one, the puppet that I made, but she is connected to it if you can find out the plot through the titles.  I'll put a link below to it.

Numbers 32:13


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