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10/05/2022 07:38 PM 

October 5th 2022
Category: Real Life
Current mood:  tired

Work was very busy today.  It wasn't busy as in, "there's a million projects we have to complete by three p.m. today."  It was busy as in, "We only have one big project, but it will take all of us to complete it as well as take all day."

Today's big project was going down in the tunnels underneath the building and replacing part of the hot water line.  Doesn't sound too bad, especially when the part we were replacing was less than five feet in length.  The problem was with five of us down in the tunnels, which were barely five feet tall in most areas, trying to propress the cuplings.  What turned this project from an hour long one to an all-day one was that we didn't propress in the right spot; it kept leaking water everywhere.

When I say it was leaking, I use leaking very generously.  It would drip for a couple of seconds and then spray everyone in a six-foot radius with hot water.  Eventually we just redid the entire line and that worked out a lot better.

After work I was planning on working on another stop-motion animation, but my lover called me.  He told me to come over after I help my grandmother out with dinner because he bought me an adult happy meal.

We tried buying one yesterday, but they were all sold out.  Today wasn't much better as they put the regular kid's toys into the adult happy meal instead of the collectibles.  I still had a good time with my lover though.  I didn't spend very long at his house as I wanted to update this blog and knew that I was already tired from work.

Hopefully tomorrow I remember to pick up my prescriptions since I forgot today.  My colon area has been throbbing more often today, but it could just be because I was bent over for most of the day.  The pain has spread to the other side of my stomach and I'm worried about my appendix.  Hopefully it's just colon inflammation and not appendicitis.  Either way, I'll find out next Friday.


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