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Gender: Other
Status: Single
Age: 15
Country: United States

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August 26, 2021


09/29/2022 11:28 PM 

stolen survey<3

Name: Zaida
Nickname(s): Mya
Age: 14
Birthday: october 23rd
Hometown: brooklyn, ny
Current Location: girl my house wtf
Eye Colour: dark brown
Hair Colour: dark brown
Height: 5'2 1/2 (yes the half counts pls count the half)
Lefty or Righty: bothy actually
Zodiac: scorpio idk abt all that rising sun and moon sh*t
Enneagram: 6w7
Screenname: zaidabobaida, myamyapantsonfya, others
What do you like to wear?: clothes what else
Who did you last speak with on the phone?: my grandma
What do you currently smell like?: poppy bath and body works whipped body butter or wtv tf that sh*t is
   Do You . . .  
Have any siblings: i have one brother he is 2
Have a license: girl no
Have any pets: 1 ferret. i used to have 2 (rip mittens)
Have a job: not yet
Have a cell phone: yup iphone x
Have any special skills: uhh i play electric guitar and also i can draw i think
Have any fears: heights, vomiting
Have a bedtime: i set one for myself that i dont even listen to so no i guess. i try to gts before 1 on school nights tho since i wake up at 5
Sing in the shower: girl hell no
Want to go to college: yes sir i do. i wanna go to nyu or maybe ncsu
Get along with your parents: sure ig
Have any piercings: i have my ears pierced once and thats it. i got my nose pierced on my 10th birthday but it got infected so i let it close and havent gotten it repierced yet. i want a ton of piercings tho.
Have any tattoos: girl no im 14 im not ashtray? i lowk want a tramp stamp tho for the y2k vibe
Swear: f*** no
Smoke: girl no what
Drink: ew no
Do drugs: hell no
Party: only if its my friends birthday or something cs i rly hate parties
Sing: not well
Play an instrument: guitar, sax, bass, learning piano
Think you are attractive: sometimes. sometimes i look like i got caught in a dumpster fire tho
Get motion sickness: no 
Wear glasses/contacts: no
Get good grades: ofc!!
Get along with teachers: yeah but hate some of them secretely 
Watch cartoons: girl hell yes
Drink milk: hell tf ass no that is disgusting. milk drinkers should be ashamed of themselves
Write poems/stories: only in school when its like a grade or wtv
Have any allergies: only the normal ones like pollen n sh*t
Play an MMO: nah
Read magazines: not read necessarily, more like jus look at and flip the pages back and forth cs i love the sound it makes
Read comics: nah
Store things under your bed: shoes and art supplies
Have a good luck charm: no not that ik of
Collect anything: gum wrapper hearts, cool rocks, marbles, can tabs
Colour: brown and pink sometimes too
Number: 23
Band: idfk
Music Genre: neo soul
TV Show: i dont watch tv
Movie: final destination 3
Movie Genre: horror and thriller
Book: i dont read unless i rly have to so idk
Cartoon: tawog
Sport: dance and cheer bc yes those r sports do not argue with me pls ty
Fast Food Restaurant: idk like char grill cs of those amazing fries that i can dip in that amazing chocolate milkshake
Food: turkey bacon, shrimp alfredo
Ice Cream Flavour: mint chocolate chip
Cereal: lucky charms
Candy: kinda controversial but those cute little valentines day conversation hearts and sour patch kid extremes. honorable mentions: sour patch xploderz, and nerd gummy clusters
Dessert: im not rly a dessert person but id have to go with those walmart chocolate parfaits. those are amazing
Drink: wtv u call that half lemonade half sweet tea sh*t
Alcoholic Beverage: bye
Quote: anything ive ever said cs it was probably very funny
Place: nyc
Day of the week: friday
Month: october
City: nyc
Country: def not america but ive nvr been anywhere else so idk
Animal: ferrets r the best 
Smell: books, wet paper towels (idk man), pumpkin pie, vanilla, that madinas cherry oil
Season: fall cs my birthday but also bc fall has the best weather
Holiday: christmas
Article of clothing: this giant red hoodie i stole from my dad
Video Game: minecraft, acnh, and the sims 4
   Worst . . .   
Drink: sorrel. ts is disgusting and ik as a girl with jamaican roots i should like it but i rly just cannot
Food: most things with beef i hate beef 
Holiday: st patricks day bc i hate green and also wtf is st patricks day (sorry irish ppl or whoever celebrates ts)
Day of the week: sunday 
Music genre: country, edm, and any type of heavy metal where they just scream violently 
   Last . . .   
Time you cried: today i think cs i was laughing at my friend trying to milly rock
Movie you watched: the conjuring 3 or wtv the most recent one is
Magazine you read: who actually does that
Book you read: inside out and back again (for school not by choice)
TV Show you watched: euphoria (pls dont bully me its actually pretty good)
Person you texted: my bf
Song you listened to: i found my smile again by dangelo
Thing you ate: reddi wip straight out the can
Time you got drunk: never 
Email you got: shein order confirmation
Person you fought: this girl at school who thought i was talking sh*t abt her when i very much was not bc idgaf abt her
Time you hugged someone: yesterday when my grandma came over
Time you met someone new: uh sometime in july since i started school then
Thing you bought: some clothes from shein
   Have You Ever . . .   
Danced in public: i do very often its actually a habit atp
Smiled for no reason: literally doesnt everybody do that 
Laughed so hard you cried: literally today lol
Drank alcohol: by accident (pls dnt tell my mommy)
Done drugs: like narcotics no wtf
Partied all night: hell tf no
Been so drunk you can’t remember: how would i answer this question if i had
Gotten a ticket: cant drive im a child
Been arrested: uhm next question
Been out of the country: no
Been on TV: i was on the news twice. once in the background of a christmas parade and another for some school thing about women in engineering
Been on stage: only in front of my elementary school 
Passed out: only once when i was like 8 bc i was rly sick and i still dont know what i had
Had surgery: no
Had teeth pulled: yeah a couple times. used to have some f***ed up teeth
Broken a bone: no lol imagine
Cheated on a test: literally on every math test i have yes
Stolen anything: it depends on what u classify as stealing but def yes
Ever been in love: yes only once
Ever cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend: no and no matter what my ex tells u i did not cheat on his dusty ass
Are you single: no
Are you in a relationship: yes obviously i just said i wasnt single
Do you have a crush on someone: yeah my bf lol
Ever been dumped: yeah twice
Ever dumped someone: yeah twice
Do you believe in love at first sight: yes
In an SO... (this is for the stuff below lol)
Hair: i prefer out of the ordinary stuff like an afro or a bright color but anything is fine as long as it isnt like super dirty and oily and lice infested n sh*t
Eyes: doesnt matter 
Clothing: pls dnt dress like a 5 year old but also pls dnt dress like a 50 year old. know how to dress for a situation
Personality or Looks?:  personality because if u have a good personality my brain will find a way to convinve me that ur hot even if ur mid
   Do you believe in . . .   
God/Heaven: no
Satan/Hell: no but i like to joke about it tho
Aliens: idk they probably do exist tho. the universe is so big theres no way the big bang thing hasnt happened hundreds of times already
Ghosts: girl no
The Afterlife: nah i dont think so 
Astrology: makes no sense to me
Karma: yes and no
Magic: no
Big Foot/Sasquatch/etc: girl no
Global Warming: no sh*t i do
Past lives: no
   This or That   
Fruit or Vegetable: fruit. natures candy
Lights On or Lights Off: depends on what im doing
TV or Movie: no
Car or Truck: car. i like smaller vehicles
Cash or Check: cash cs checks confuse me
Rock or Rap: rap
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
French Toast or French Fries: french fries. french toast is amazing but it also makes me want to vomit
Strawberries or Blueberries: strawberries bro f*** blueberries. easily the worst f***ing fruit
Cookies or Muffins: muffins cs u can eat a muffin for breakfast and nb cares but eat a cookie for breakfast and here come the health experts
Winter Break or Spring Break: spring break cs its too cold to do anything during winter break. i can actually hang with my friends during spring break. its also the last break before summer so it just has a different vibe to it
Hugs or Kisses: i mean both but kisses solo fr
Pepsi or Coke: tf is the difference
Cats or Dogs: cats just bc im too lazy to train dogs. theyre super cute tho
Lakes or Ocean: the ocean cs arent there like... brain eating amoebas in lakes
Night or Day: depends on what im doing
Half Full or Half Empty: in a figurative sense, half empty. im not very optimistic. in a literal sense, half full if ur pouring, half empty if ur drinking
Hamburgers or Hot Dogs: i dont eat beef burgers so hot dogs. now if im choosing between turkey burgers and hot dogs then def the turkey burger.
Desktop or Laptop: desktop bc keys go clicky clicky
Playstation or Xbox: ps ofc
Summer or Winter: winter ig cs summer heat makes my head hurt
Spring or Autumn: autumn bc better weather but also bc the word is pretty
Cold or Warm: warm
Ever TP'd someone's house: bsffr
Who do you wanna slap?: my parents sometimes, my bf sometimes, my ela teacher (f*** u bitch fix my mf grade)
Who do you wanna kill?: myself
Do you want to get married?: hell no. maybe if i fall in love again i'll change my mind.
Do you like to drive fast?: cant drive. ask again in 2 years.
Do you like thunderstorms?: hell yes
Do you eat the stems of broccoli?: ew no
If you could have any job, what would it be?: a fashion designer which is what i am going to do and i am dedicated to this
Do you wish on stars?: no
If you were a crayon, what color would you be?: purple moutain majesty
Do you really know all the words to your national anthem?: oh say can u see by the dawns early light... uh some other sh*t and the land of the free something something home of the brave or something like that
Do you like to play in the rain?: id love to but i also dont like being sick
Are you a risk taker?: sometimes
Biggest pet peeve?: ppl standing rly close to me and ppl that r unnecessarily loud all the time
Do you sleep with the TV on?: not anymore i have a fan now to drain out the sound of silence
Do you have a TV in your bedroom?: yes
Are you good at keeping secrets?: yes
Parents still together?: yes sadly (they need to move tf on atp they dont even like each other lmfao)
Can you handle the truth?: girl idfk
Number of keys on your keyring?: dont have a keyring
What are you listening to right now?: myself type on this survey
How is the weather right now?: it was a dark stormy night...
Have you ever fired a gun?: yes and god is it fun
How many pillows do you sleep with?: 10+ and i rufuse to sleep on any of them. instead i sleep on my stuffed bear underneath the mountain of pillows
Do you drink alot of water?: girl please
What is the worst thing you’ve ever eaten?: ass. no im kidding ofc that would be disgusting. anything with ginger tho i think f*** ginger
Ever egged someone's house: why in the hell would i do that
How many languages do you speak: 3; english (ofc), spanish, and french
Do you like being tickled: yes until it actually happens then no i get very upset
Are your fingers tired: no 
Are you tired of this survey: no i love sureys
Are you happy: im alright


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