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09/27/2022 12:07 PM 

About My Time Seeing Rammstein In Concert At The Los Angeles Coliseum On 24/9/22
Current mood:  grateful

Guten Tag every one, My name is Saige Baker, and I would like to tak about my time of when I saw R+ For the first time in concert in Los Angeles. So my dad and I were at the Coliseum waiting until the time passes by and sh*t. So when it was time to see them I took out my phone and started to record the whole show because I wanted to post it in my Official Rammstein/Till Lindemann Facebook Group. I cried so much at every single ine of their amazing songs. I even cried harder when they did my ALL TIME FAVORITE song "Deutschland" off of their 2019 Self-Titled album called Rammstein. They did ALL of their classics and couple off of their brand new 2022 album called Zeit. There are just absolutely no words to explain my extremely emotional time at Rammstein's show on Saturday.  I love Rammstein und Till so much. They got me through home and high school during the bad times. I've been listening to them for almot 6 years. and if it weren't for my old high school math teacher and getting that pack of heavy metal sticker sheets und Rammstein NOT being one of the sticker options, I would not know to this very day and moment who Rammstein und Till Lindemann were und I would not have EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER gotten my dreams of seeing them and Till in concert, Und I wouldn't be where I am today WITHOUT R+ Und Till!!!!!!heartheartheartheartheartheart


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