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09/23/2022 03:01 PM 

September 23rd 2022
Category: Real Life
Current mood:  artistic

I know that I said I wouldn't be able to blog today, but I called out of work, so I have time.  My parents don't know that I called out, let's keep that between us.  After I called out, I went to the doctor to get a note for work.  Turns out, I have an infection.

Anyways, I've been planning my next stop-motion short film.  I have to make a new setting, but I'm planning on saving money and paper by using the back side of my old set.  I don't plan on making a new doll.  I really like my current doll and I will just make new paper clothes for her so that she isn't naked in every movie.

There are still a few hours before I have to leave to go camping so I'm going to spend it planning out the film and building the set.

I almost forgot! I stopped at Walmart today and had some pocket change, so I tried the claw machine.  I won two times in a row!  The first thing I won was a stuffed monkey; I'm not a huge fan of monkeys so I'll probably just customize him.  The second win though, it was amazing! It was one of those baby stuffed animals with a clip to hang from their car seat but, I hung it from my rear-view mirror as it's a lamb and lambs are my favorite animals.  I put a picture of it below!

Tomorrow is the renaissance fair and I'm so excited!  My whole family is dressing up, including my lover!  That all depends on if he found a costume yet.  My mother is dressing up as a witch, she's a practitioner of the craft.  My father is dressing up as Gandalf from, "Lord of the Rings."   My brother is dressing up as a Viking using a costume I handmade but was too small for me.  My lover is dressing up as the little brother from, "Over the Garden Wall."  I am dressing up as an angel.  I'll be sure to take lots of pictures to upload on Sunday!  

Well, I don't have much time if I'm going to be starting on my next project, I'll be off for now.


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