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April 26, 2021


09/21/2022 05:12 PM 

mcr tonight!
Current mood:  excited

So! I did not update last night as I had thought I was going to do.... 

But! Yesterday was uhm...interesting....

Coffee with my professor was great! It felt surprisingly casual and I stayed for one of her lectures afterward...a literary criticism class that I took last semester, just not with her. Then, I went to my friend's house afterward, which started out fine. Then, there was some small "argument", he got all broody and then had some bitch fit. He texted me this morning to apologize, but I'm not even sure how to respond. He made a very rude comment just to purposefully be an a**hole...but I make him feel bad...oh well...

I'll probably find some way to respond but I'm not even sure how to apologize for what he's mad at me about. He's just a p**sy LMAO

Anyway, I had pretty much the day off today bc my co-op teacher couldn't make it to school, but... I'm seeing My Chemical Romance tonight!!! I'm so excited! Right now I'm pregaming before I go with my sister and her friend.

I'll have to find some way to respond to my friend without being rude, or else we'll just get into it again. I think I'll just have to bring up that I have never once purposefully made an a**hole out of him to be mean, as he did to me. 

Anyway, that's all for now!​​​​​​​


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