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September 28th, 2022

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August 23, 2022


09/17/2022 07:07 PM 

September 17th 2022
Category: Real Life
Current mood:  bored

Last night my lover spent the night at my house.  He is the first boy my parents let me sleep with in my bed.  We didn't do anything scandalous, we just cuddled and watched YouTube.  This morning, my father, brother, lover and I went to go visit a family friend, Carrie.

Everyone in my family was very close with her husband but he passed away a couple years ago from breaking his neck in the shower.  Since his passing, we make sure to take time out of our schedules to visit her.

The main reason for our visit today was because her computer broke.  My brother is very talented in building, fixing, and repairing computers.  I had some gifts that I wanted to give her as well.  I had some Hot Cash from Hot Topic to give her, and a fifty-movie set of vintage horror movies.  

While we were there, we talked about how much weight she lost and her new puppy Nova.  My dad talked about work, and she told us how her neighbors were completely insufferable.  

After we left, I went with my lover to his house.  We didn't stay long, only long enough to let the dogs out and put his kayak in his truck.  He dropped me back off at home and I had lunch before going out to get a few groceries.  

I had chick-fil-a for dinner and have been watching a lot of YouTube.  All in all today wasn't very eventful.  I'm trying to think of things I can draw or paint for Carrie as she really likes my art but I haven't been very passionate about it for a while now.  Hopefully I'll find some inspiration soon.


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