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September 28th, 2022

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August 23, 2022


09/16/2022 05:03 PM 

September 16th 2022
Category: Real Life
Current mood:  pure

I really enjoyed how today went.  Theo started asking me to do things instead of just yelling at me.  I believe that now I have stood up to him that he looks at me as an equal instead of below him.  

This morning I fixed a door that wouldn't fully shut.  They're pretty easy to fix, the lock was just jammed.  Afterwards, I helped replace the cameras and run wire to a new office.  I ended the day with waxing an office floor and another broken door.

All in all, today was an easy day.  When I got home, I cleaned up my room a bit and now I am updating my blogs.  

My lover is staying over tonight so I most likely won't be updating much.  Though, I wanted to show what arrived in the mail!  

A few days ago, I ordered a stuffed animal.  It's a conjoined lamb!  Lambs are my favorite animals and I have such a fascination with conjoined twins.  (It makes me really angry when someone calls them "Siamese twins.")

Below is a picture of them! I still need names for both of them.  The card on top of them is from the artist I bought them from on Depop.

If the image is hard to read the Depop seller is Frankenstitch!


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